Oppo Reno 2 Review: Impressive Looks, Flagship Features


OPPO opened a new breakthrough in the high-end market with the new Reno series of mobile phones. The Reno mobile phone released in the first half of this year attracted the attention of many consumers with the 10x zoom of the periscope. And domestic and foreign media have been well received.

The Reno series of mobile phones, which started the new decade of OPPO, is very different from the previous OPPO mobile phones. It has a new product concept, design, and communication with consumers, showing the full creativity of OPPO.

On September 10th, OPPO officially released the Reno 2 series mobile phone in Shanghai. This is the second product of the Reno family. In fact, OPPO has already started the preheating of the Reno 2 series as early as half a month ago, the largest one. The selling point is the video super anti-shake.

Design & Appearance

The overall appearance of OPPO Reno 2 continues the design language of the first Reno, including asymmetrical central axis design, a flat camera with a rear camera, and a panoramic screen with a very narrow border design.

The front of the Reno 2 is a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen with a 20:9 aspect ratio. Compared to the Reno 10x zoom phone, the Reno 2 is a bit slimmer and more elegant. This screen has the DCI-P3 color gamut and uses a newly upgraded screen illuminator that can be used up to 500 nits per day for maximum brightness and 700 nits maximum brightness in bright light.

According to the official statement, Reno 2 is the first mobile phone certified by TÜV Rheinland. It uses a newly designed low-light stroboscopic and global low-light-blue technology. It does not require an operation. The amount of harmful blue light is reduced by 41.6% compared with Reno.

Reno 2 uses a light-sensitive screen fingerprint 3.0, which is upgraded in transmission and recognition algorithms. Compared to Reno, the unlock success rate is increased by 4.3% and the unlock rate is increased by 12.5%. In the actual experience, Reno 2’s screen fingerprint unlocking speed is as fast as ever, even in the poor night, Reno 2 can almost achieve an unlocking experience.

Like the first generation of Reno, Reno 2 still retains the proactive rotation of the side-swing structure. I prefer to call it the “dolphin fin” design. This pop-up module integrates the front camera, earpiece and fills light. In terms of color matching, OPPO Reno 2 has a mix of mist powder, ocean heart, and deep-sea luminous. The bottom of the phone is the speaker opening, Type-C interface, microphone opening, 3.5mm headphone hole.

On the Reno 2, which I got with the heart of the ocean, I can see that the color of the back shell and the metal middle frame are not uniform. The middle frame is dark green and has a matte texture, due to the color of the back shell and the frame. They are all dark, so the “collision color” of this design is not obvious. If you don’t look carefully, it is difficult to see the difference at a glance.

What’s interesting is that in the real phone picture taken by the camera, you can clearly see the difference between the middle frame and the body color, but if you put the phone on the table and turn it on the table, observe it with the naked eye. At a 45° angle, you can see that the color of the fuselage in the light and the dark green middle frame merge into one, which is very wonderful.

It is understood that the back cover of the mobile phone has undergone thousands of coating experiments, and the thickness of the gradually coated film is firmly controlled below 250 nm. Under this strong light, the body emits deep blue-violet light effect, and there is a similar OPPO. R17 Pro matte color-matching matte texture, but in fact, when your finger touches the fuselage, it still presents a warm glass feel, of course, this can not avoid the problem of fingerprinting.

Reno 2 uses a rear four-camera, and as the first generation, the camera is completely flat in the fuselage, in other words, in the back shot area, Reno 2’s glass back shell is the lens of the rear, which undoubtedly put this glass Higher requirements, in addition to better light transmission, but also to ensure that the glass is not easily scratched by sharp solids, in order to protect the camera, under the camera, it is still familiar and protruding from the surface of the fuselage Green dot.”

Compared with the Reno ten-times zoom phone, the quality of the Reno 2 without the periscope light-varying structure is much lighter, and it is finally getting out of the “200g weight club”, plus the slender body, the Reno 2’s whole machine grip Sense has a good upgrade, although not as light as Meizu 16 series, Xiaomi 9, but the weight of 189g in a 4000mAh large battery flagship machine, this data is relatively bright.

Coupled with OPPO’s consistent workmanship and quality, Reno 2’s overall machine texture is very good, in all the phones I have reviewed this year, the single value and body texture, I will definitely give Reno 2 a high score.

It is worth mentioning that Reno 2’s randomly distributed protective shell workmanship and materials are also absolutely high grade, the outer side is “cortex + sewing serif”, the inner side is woven mesh fiber, the weight of the key mobile phone shell is very light, in a treasure The price of a similar third-party mobile phone case will never fall by 50 yuan. However, with the high value of Reno 2, in most of the experience time, the author is more willing to let Reno 2 “streaking”.


If you remember correctly, OPPO Reno 2 should be OPPO’s first rear-mounted four-shot mobile phone. On Reno 2, it uses 48MP main camera + 13MP telephotos + 8MP wide-angle + 2MP black and white style four-shot. Among them, the 48MP main camera is the Sony IMX586 sensor. This sensor is already very familiar to everyone. Almost all of the domestic flagship machines are equipped with this sensor. Of course, whoever looks better has to look at who is polishing better.

The IMX586 supports four-in-one pixel aggregation technology, which is an improvement on the traditional RGBG Bayer pixel array, which aligns four RGBG pixels of the same color to form a large RGBG pixel array to improve the photographic performance.

Reno 2’s 48MP main camera supports OIS optical image stabilization, 13MP telephoto with vertical telephoto lens, 1/3.4 inch photosensitive area and f/2.4 aperture, with Fusion image fusion technology, three cameras with different focal lengths For work, the OPPO Reno 2 can achieve a hybrid optical zoom up to 5x from ultra-wide-angle to telephoto, up to 20x digital zoom.

The 8MP super-wide-angle has a maximum wide angle of 116 degrees and supports 2.5 cm of super macro shooting. On the front side, the OPPO Reno 2 is equipped with a 16-megapixel camera that supports ultra high definition backlighting, portrait mode and more.

Let’s take a look at the Samples Photos:

In a well-lit outdoor scene, Reno 2’s proofs have high brightness, high color saturation, and more pleasing colors. Partial magnification also has good resolution and detail.

Under the 5X mixed zoom sample, Reno 2 still has a good performance, the font on the building is still clearly visible. After zooming in to 10X and 20X, you can see that the sample has appeared smeared, but you can still see the outline of the object. Not a paste. Although the zoom performance of Reno 2 is not “perverted” without the predecessor Reno ten times zoom version, the overall quality is not bad, and occasionally taking a few distant views in life can also meet some needs.

In portrait blur, Reno 2 offers the option of manual blurring, which manually adjusts the intensity of the portrait background during shooting and also provides a rich selection of filters.

In most of the proofs, Reno 2’s portrait blur effect is still very satisfactory, colorful, with a good high-light suppression performance, a good separation of characters and background, but no deliberate traces of the shadows, edge blur Comfortable and natural.

However, occasionally the proof will also rollover, as shown in the picture below, if you look closely, you can see that Reno 2 brings the character’s bag to a part of it.

OPPO Reno 2 uses 730G independent NPU to achieve AI algorithm noise reduction + HDR, night shooting mode processing time is reduced by 50% and dropped to 2.0 to 2.5s. In addition, AI ultra-clear night scene shooting is also supported in wide-angle mode.

In the above picture, it is obvious that the sample after the super night scene is turned on, the performance of the high-light suppression is better, the LED lamp beads in the green street lamp can also be clearly distinguished, and the ordinary proof on the right side is a piece of paste.

It is worth mentioning that Reno 2’s super night scene exposure method is different from other mobile phones. Other mobile phones use a long exposure time of 3-5 seconds to realize a super night scene photo through multi-frame synthesis technology, while Reno 2 It is by taking three pictures in a row and then combining a super night scene.

In addition, on Reno 2, this time also added the polar night mode. In the super night scene mode, if the recognition environment is low-light (illumination is less than 5lux), OPPO Reno 2 will automatically enter the polar night mode and then pass a series of AI. The algorithm achieves a clearer night shot proof.

With the popularity of short video apps such as vibrato and the popularity of vlogs among young people, today’s consumers have higher requirements for the camera’s photography function. OPPO obviously wants to use super video anti-shake selling points. Attracting the attention of young consumers.

In the video shooting function, support video portrait blur, super wide-angle, super macro, video super anti-shake, time-lapse photography and slow motion.

OPPO Reno 2 supports 4K 30FPS, 1080P 30, 60 frame shooting, by default, Reno 2 camera does not turn on the video super anti-shake function, you need to click the “anti-shake” button in the camera interface to open.

After turning on the video super anti-shake, you can clearly see that the video screen has been cropped. After the video is super-anti-shake, the screen is closer to the subject. Obviously, OPPO still uses the “cropping” method commonly used in electronic image stabilization on Reno 2’s super anti-shake and cuts the edges of the picture to make a buffer. However, Reno 2’s video anti-shake is far more than that simple and ultimately achieves powerful The anti-shake effect is also guaranteed by a strong hardware foundation and algorithms.

It is understood that OPPO Reno 2 can achieve super anti-shake function because it is equipped with Ultra Steady video super anti-shake, that is, HIS hybrid anti-shake technology, and supports 5-axis anti-shake.

Combined with OIS optical image stabilization and EIS electronic image stabilization, OPPO Reno 2 improves the frequency of the gyroscope by 200% to 300% through multi-source sensor information fusion and anti-shake scene intelligent analysis. At the same time, in terms of algorithm, OPPO also passes from 16:9 The video frame input is promoted to a full-size input to increase the downsampling rate so that the image clarity can be guaranteed as much as possible under the anti-shake algorithm.

Under the blessing of these technologies, even if consumers are dealing with running, skiing, skateboarding, roller coaster, and other scenes, Reno 2 can still present you with a “steady” anti-shake video effect.

On September 9th, the author shot a set of Reno 2 super anti-shake videos while the plane was about to land, and recorded the same contrast video with another phone that did not support OIS optical image stabilization. Compared with mobile phone shooting, does not support anti-shake function: (1 minute 30 seconds aircraft landing)

In fact, when I was shooting, I can clearly feel that the anti-shake effect of Reno 2 is better, especially when the plane is landing. Because of the grounding inertia, when I was shooting with two mobile phones, the body has already appeared. The shaking, but the performance of Reno 2 is still very natural, while on another mobile phone, you can see that the video picture has obvious bumps and jitters (around 1 minute and 30 seconds).

In video shooting, Reno 2 also supports video zoom function (up to 20 times). When zooming, the distant sound will be zoomed in and out together with the picture, the sound and picture will be synchronized, but after the video is super-anti-shake, the picture cannot be zoomed.

As the saying goes, good steel should be used in the blade. With video super anti-shake, OPPO also provides a zero-threshold video intelligent editing solution for Reno 2, which means that it has created a one-stop service plan from video shooting to video production.

In fact, there is a lot of video editing software on the market, but most of them need to be charged. The app is equivalent to a video editing software specially designed by OPPO for Reno 2. It is rich in functions and most importantly, it supports “smart template”. For the user who is too lazy to modify the video frame by the author, through the smart template function, you only need to manually select a few suitable videos, that is, you can create a vlog-style short video for yourself, the length is 13-30. It can be divided into seconds, suitable for sharing and sharing of friends and vibrato.

In this app, you can also manually edit the video, select more than a dozen filters, add subtitles and soundtracks, and more. However, it seems that the App seems to be exclusive to the Reno 2 phone because it seems that the app has not yet been put on the OPPO app store.

Hardware & Performance

OPPO Reno 2 is equipped with Snapdragon 730G processor. This processor was released in April this year. It is the first to adopt Samsung 8nm LPP process. The core adopts 2xKryo 470(A76)+6xKryo 470(A55) structure with frequencies of 2.2GHz and 1.8 respectively. In GHz, the GPU is upgraded to Adreno 618. In terms of AI, the Snapdragon 730 integrates the latest Heagon 688 DSP. 

The Snapdragon 730G is optimized for games, with an integrated Adreno 618 GPU and Snapdragon Elite Gaming. It is not difficult to see that the Snapdragon 730G is a high-end but not the flagship SoC specifically for the game market. According to the management, we conducted a run test for Reno 2.

In terms of games, we tested the two games “Peace Elite” and “Glory of the King”. Under the default quality of “Peace Elite”, the 30-minute game, the frame rate measured by Reno 2 is 29FPS, and the fluctuation is about 1.4FPS. The overall problem is more than the overall flagship chip of Kirin 980 and Snapdragon 855, but the overall game experience is not bad. Of course, you can also reduce the quality of a grade and pursue the 40FPS experience.

In the “Glory of the Kings” game, after opening the high frame rate mode, the maximum can reach 60FPS, and occasionally it will fall to 55PFS when the team battles, but in fact, the fluctuation of these frame rates is not visible to the naked eye, in other words, in The glory of the king does not feel the existence of Caton.

Although Reno 2 is not a mobile phone with a main game, the user’s choices are quite rich, such as the built-in Game Boost 2.0 system optimized for gamers and the game space.

With Game Boost 2.0, the phone can greatly reduce the game’s stuck condition, and it will make the touch response faster and the game response more timely. In order to get the best gaming experience, Reno 2 also uses liquid cooling technology for 8nm. For the process of the Snapdragon 730G, the use of “liquid cooling” may be a bit too “luxury”, but in the game experience of Reno 2, I almost can not feel the blazing feeling of Reno 2 because of the long game time.

In terms of game space, you can choose the competitive mode, equalization mode, and low power mode. In the competitive mode, the frame rate and touch screen response of the mobile phone will be further improved. It is worth mentioning that in the game space, the game sound changing function that everyone is expecting is already online, but this function is not free and needs to be recharged for members to use (15 yuan a month).


As a mobile model, OPPO Reno 2 has a lot of highlights, such as full-featured NFC supporting OPPO Pay, smarter Breeno assistant, dual Wi-Fi function, AK4377a independent HiFi chip, Hi-Res, and Dolby support. Atmos Dolby panoramic sound, 4000mAh large battery, and support for VOOC 3.0 flash charging and more.

Because of the time problem, I don’t experience it one by one. In my opinion, Reno 2 has carried out a deeper interpretation of the spiritual core of the first Reno “creativity” – driven by the core needs of consumers. Create and explore new needs.

Back to the product, the Ultra Steady video super anti-shake technology equipped with OPPO Reno 2 is a very good choice for users who love travel, love sports, love the street and love vlog.


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