Orion Bar OB-50 Review: Comes With 650mAh, 10 Flavors


Orion Bar OB-50 is known for its large puffs, flavor performance, and visible design, making it a portable disposable vape-in-the-box style. let’s review it.

Orion Bar OB-50


Orion Bar OB-50 comes in a compact size. Also, it has a lightweight of  52gm. its rechargeable 650mAh battery, the Orion Bar 5000 lets vapers vape for at least a week to keep them happy for longer. Demonstrate strength by striking with a powerful, constant draw and throat strike and never becoming weaker constantly. e.It has a rectangular shape with rounded edges to make it easier to hold. It is covered in a variety of quirky and individual panels that have the flavor of the e-liquid inside. Also, It is Providing a loose mouth-to-lung draw, which is ideal for vapers and smokers trying to quit smoking.

Orion Bar OB-50Orion Bar OB-50


Orion Bar OB-50 is extremely satisfying to vape on because all of the interesting and distinctive flavors that come from the juices come through clearly and strongly. This the best choice for flavor-lover, nicotine-addicted vapers, and intermittent vapers who like their flavors to be strong and intense. Also, It has a 13ml tank which gives you around 5000 puffs. Also, It has a 650 mah battery with long last charging. More, OB-50 has 10 different flavors.

Orion Bar OB-50


Orion Bar OB-50 vape is another best product that lies under excellent features. you will have more puffs than many vapes. So, what are you waiting for? you can easily buy this from orionbartech officials.


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