Ortur LU2-10 Air Assist Laser Module: Design, and Features Review


Ortur LU2-10 Air Assist Laser Module’s latest hardware innovation is the Laser Master 2 Pro, a new and improved laser engraver that builds upon the previous Laser Master 2 model. After nine months of intensive research and development, Ortur has succeeded in developing a machine that benefits from improvements in almost every respect.


The Ortur LU2-10 comes with everything you need to put it together, including zip ties for cable management, a small tool kit, and even some wood and acrylic samples to experiment with. The x-axis gantry is pre-assembled and the drag chain is also pre-wired with connectors at each end. The box also includes an assembly manual, power adapter, USB cable, focus gauge, and safety glasses.

Some great features you’ll notice right away are the aluminum extrusion measurement scales and the all-metal gantry construction. In fact, aside from components that really need to be other materials (like belts, clear covers, wheels, etc.), almost everything on this laser engraver is metal. You will also notice that the metals have been painted or anodized after being drilled, which is also great for a good quality look and feel.


The maximum speed of the LU2-10 has been increased to 10200mm per minute, This means you can complete the same cutting or engraving task almost less than half the time. The AUFERO LU2-10 laser engraver is capable of engraving and cutting tons of different materials. When it comes to engraving, Ortur laser master 2 PRO S2 can handle wood, leather, acrylic, and even harder materials like stainless steel and stone.

It also offers various protection systems, for example, when the machine is moved or tilted, the laser is automatically blocked to prevent damage or be dangerous. If, on the other hand, the laser is on but there is no movement for a long time, it turns off after 100 seconds. The Y-axis roller engraving module is also used to engrave cylindrical objects such as text and pattern engraving on cans, meeting the needs of engraving from different angles.


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