Realme Released The World’s First SLED 4K Smart TV


Realme now provides more than just smartphones. As a lifestyle brand, Realme provides wearable devices, TWS devices, and has recently entered the smart TV market. Recently, Realme released a new competitive Realme SLED 4K Smart TV in India. Today, the company has taken an important step in the world of smart TVs.

On September 25, Realme released the world’s first SLED 4K smart TV. However, it is only a new technology debut, this TV is not ready to go on sale. Nevertheless, Realme decided to reveal in advance that because of the appeal of SLED TVs, it may be a more viable option than advanced QLED (quantum dot) technology.

Realme’s SLED technology will enter the market in the form of a 55-inch TV. The new panel will provide 108% of the NTSC color spectrum. However, the technology will control excessive blue light and is certified by TUV Rheinland.

The new SLED technology rejuvenates the old LCD paradigm. The biggest innovation comes from the new panel lighting method. Conventional liquid crystal displays use white backlights and pass RGB filters. With SLED, the backlight will use red, green, and blue LEDs to create the usual three colors. In any case, this panel belongs to the category of LCD monitors. Because it still uses liquid crystal technology.

This technology provides an alternative to ordinary QLED technology popular in the market. Quantum dot technology uses blue backlights and uses quantum dots to absorb this light and reproduce red or green colors. The liquid crystal layer helps the engine control the amount of light passing through each pixel.

Of course, the goal of SLED is not only to provide basic color reproduction but to ensure good accuracy of each color. This technology provides a wider color spectrum and can effectively improve image quality.

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According to Realme, SLED technology was born as better technology, and for this reason, it did not want to follow the path of QLED. Other companies such as Samsung and even OnePlus already offer QLED panels in the Indian market. The company will definitely bring new TVs to India, and the new technology may benefit Realme.


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