Redmi K60 is Saying Goodbye to Esports


Previously, some users revealed that Redmi K60 series will cancel the esports version of the model, and Lu Weibing has said that in 2023 there will be no need for esports phones, esports phones are doomed to die.

Now, it has been officially confirmed.

Today, Redmi announced that the K60 will no longer be available as an “esports” model, saying that users will no longer need an esports phone by 2023.

Redmi K60 Pro will reportedly be equipped with a second-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, making it comparable to other professional gaming phones in terms of performance.

At the same time, K60 Pro will surpass esports phones in frame rate and picture quality through self-tuning engine, bringing a richer flagship experience.

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In addition, Redmi will add Fury mode to the K60 Pro. Fury mode K60 Pro performance fully open, do not drop resolution, let the game throughout the original image rendering.

Redmi K60 series will be officially released on December 27.


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