Redmi SMART TV X2022 will be Released on Wednesday


In August this year, At lei Jun’s annual speech conference, In addition to MIX 4 and Mi Pad 5 series, Xiaomi also launched a new hit mi TV 6 OLED, which is one of the most cost-effective OLED TVS at present, becoming the first OLED TV for young people.

Redmi SMART TV X2022 will be officially released on Wednesday, October 20. It also announced an important configuration, which will support a high refresh rate of 120Hz.

According to official sources, Redmi SMART TV X2022 will be the first model of the same class to popularize 120Hz high refresh rate, and will create a new generation of flagship standard for young people, becoming the first 120Hz high brush TV for young people.

No more information has been released about Redmi SMART TV X2022.

Redmi smart TV X series first debut in May last year, its flagship young people’s flagship product, first of all in appearance with ordinary series are differentiated, using full screen design, bringing more immersion experience, collocation all metal frame, the base at the same time, robust at the same time, it also has a high level in appearance, with young people’s aesthetic requirements.

In addition, Redmi smart TV X series at that time although only 60Hz refresh rate, but still the whole system standard with 60Hz MEMC motion compensation technology, it can be called the popularization of MEMC motion compensation, 2000 yuan,$310, it can experience this flagship configuration.

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According to the previous configuration, Redmi SMART TV X2022 should be equipped with 120Hz MEMC motion compensation technology, which has a significant improvement in display experience, which is worth looking forward to.


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