Redmi X Pro will Released Tonight


Redmi X Pro game TV will be officially unveiled tonight, Xiaomi TV official said.

Redmi X Pro Game TV is Redmi’s first game TV and a new gaming flagship.

In the preheated poster, you can see a red-painted “K” shaped device. Is this the shape of Redmi X Pro game TV? That’s so sci-fi!

When it comes to gaming TVS, 4K/120Hz and HDMI 2.1 have become the standard and minimum. The bandwidth of the original HDMI 2.0 interface is 18Gbps, which is completely unable to meet the 45GBps bandwidth requirement of 4K 120Hz picture.

In addition, a very big difference between games and TV watching is that the number of video frames on TV is fixed, while the number of video frames in games can fluctuate due to the fluctuation of the scene’s resource occupancy.

In order to adapt to the frame number change of the screen, the current game TV generally supports VRR variable refresh rate, after enabling the TV is no longer a fixed frame number of playback, but follow the input device frame number to change the display frame number, so that it can continue to provide a stable screen display.

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As Redmi’s first game TV, I believe Redmi X Pro game TV can meet the above needs at the same time, but also can bring you a down-to-earth price, we wait and see.


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