Review Comparison of OnePlus 11 VS iQOO 11


The price of the OnePlus 11 model is not high, the configuration is relatively sufficient, and the price/performance ratio is still relatively high. Compared with iQOO 11, OnePlus 11 has certain advantages in terms of camera and price, but this time iQOO 11 is still biased towards games and focuses on upgrading the screen quality.

OnePlus 11 can be considered for daily use and game needs; and iQOO 11 is definitely better for heavy games and daily use, so the priority of games and daily use basically determines the choice of the two models!

I won’t go into details about the detailed parameters. You can compare the parameter table in the above figure. We mainly look at the differences in performance, screen, and camera of these two models.

1. Processor/Game Experience

Both models are the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, and the single CPU basically belongs to the ceiling level of the Android camp. Among them, OnePlus 11 enriches the game experience by customizing super large X-axis motors, game cloud computing private network, and HyperBoost 2.0 game frame stabilization engine

While iQOO 11 does not have many new ideas this time, basically continuing the previous generation of dual X-axis motors, dual-screen dual The pressure sensitivity and the frame insertion effect brought by the V2 chip, coupled with the direct-to-screen design, the overall gaming experience is still stronger!

2. Screen quality

Many netizens questioned why OnePlus 11 chose the E4 screen in stock. In fact, there is still no problem with the look and feel of the 2K screen made of E4 material. However, the screen quality of the iQOO 11 is much better than that of the OnePlus 11.

With the same 2K resolution, iQOO11 uses the latest Samsung E6 material, supports LTPO4.0, high-frequency PWM dimming, and has more advantages than OnePlus 11 in terms of brightness and power consumption!

3. Camera Test

The iQOO 11 has a 50MP outsole main camera with a Samsung GN5 sensor on the back, which supports OIS optical image stabilization; while OnePlus 11 has a 50MP main camera with a Sony IMX890 sensor, which also supports optical image stabilization.

In essence, the two main cameras are lenses of the same specifications, but OnePlus 11 is equipped with a 48MP wide-angle lens and a 32MP telephoto lens. With Hasselblad natural color optimization and Hasselblad portrait shooting, the photo quality is stronger than that of iQOO Some.

However, iQOO 11 is inferior in taking pictures, but with the support of Vivo’s self-developed V2 imaging chipset, the imaging performance is still good!

In fact, under the same storage version, iQOO 11 is about $60 more expensive, but for game lovers, it is not recommended to save this $60, just go directly to iQOO! For users with more daily use or less prominent gaming needs, OnePlus 11 is a better choice, and the minimum 12+256GB version is still more fragrant.

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