Review of the HOMESTEC LCD Writing Board for kids – The ideal Christmas gift now with 35% discount coupon (images and video included)


Christmas is around the corner, so gifts for friends and family is something that one must look from now. So if you haven’t buy anything on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you have little time to order something and have it in time for the Christmas celebrations. I was thoughtful and arranged to get a LCD Writing Board for kids from Homestec, from their Amazon Store, for my son who is 6.5 years old. I saw a lot of them this year on the internet and after research, got the best for him of course.

At this age, at least here in Greece, kids start to learn writing, so writing, making mistakes and deleting them is something that happens almost every day. So when I saw these LCD writing boards, I realized that I found the ideal gift for him, to make him write more, using the technology, that every kid loves to use. So I ordered the Homestec LCD Writing Board for kids immediately! The package came to me with post, with no problem from customs, since it came from their Amazon Store at UK. Opening the package, came across a really joyful box, saying what contains inside, with a lot of info, photos and drawings!

Inside the package one can find the LCD writing pad of course, two stylus pens, to magnets with sticky tape and a manual how to use the writing pad. The writing pad looks very cute as it has the shape of a frog! The writing pad is very light and very thin. The screen size is 6.9 x 5.1 inches, which is slightly larger than an Ipad Mini. Weights only 87g, the input voltage is 3V, with rated power 18mW. It features IPX5 as waterproof protection.

The LCD writing tablet uses a high-tech flexible liquid crystal technology, to display what you are writing, so the intense of the letters depends on how hard you will press the pen on the screen. With the press of a button, everything can be erased easily. The battery upholds up to 500,000 times to erase the text or two years, so don’t worry, you have many times to play with. Also by this way, you can expose your ecological feelings, by saving trees and not destroying any paper!

Inside the package as I told you, one can find two stylus pens to use. Of course you can use and your finger, but believe me, is not that easy. The pens have a whole, from where you can set a string and attach it to the writing board, to keep the together. Also you can use the two magnets and stick them on the back of the writing board, so to place it on the refrigerator for example and write your notes over there. So as you can understand, the Homestec LCD Writing Board can be also used by you, for keeping record of everything easily and write for example your daily program.

You can also check and my video review to see who cute this frog like, LCD writing board is and how easy to use

Homestec LCD Writing Board for kids is the ideal gift for the Christmas and not only. Make your kid learn how to write while playing and using latest technology. Keep your notes easily and write down your schedule, without the need of a paper, as many times you like. Grab it today from the Amazon store of Homestec with 35% discount using the coupon V49PEUUS. But hurry up, as the coupon expires on the 31st of December!


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