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Roborock brings to globally its most advanced robot vacuum cleaner. The S7 series is renewed with the new Roborock S7 Pro Ultra, a robot with a charging base that, in addition to maintaining high power, offers fully automated vacuuming, mopping, washing and emptying.

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The Roborock S7 Pro Max combines the design of the previous S7 with that of the S7 MaxV Ultra. That is: its body is made of plastic , with a glossy top and white finish, just like the S7. However, we must add the inclusion of the enormous base of emptying, filling and washing inherited from the MaxV Ultra. Its front part incorporates the already classic protector that prevents shocks and, since the robot lacks the Reactive AI system, the RGB camera that we did find in the MaxV version is not present.

To blend in well with the robot, the base has been given a coat of white paint all around, contrasting with the black of the three liquid and dirt reservoirs on top. Since the top of the robot reverts to the glossy finish of the Roborock S7, it is not able to hide fingerprints and dirt very well. Fortunately, these types of robots are designed to hardly require user interaction except when it comes to replacing the brushes or unclogging hair from the wheels.

Suction Mopping

This performance in suction mopping mode. However, this step can be bypassed with routines on the start page. It can also be used to vacuum individual rooms two or three times. Thanks to the fully autonomous cleaning station, the dust container is emptied after each cleaning. The emptying can also be individualized in different performance levels.


As with the rest of Roborock’s robot vacuum cleaners, it is possible to manage and control the S7 Pro Ultra with both the Roborock app and the Xiaomi Home app. In our case, we have decided to use the manufacturer’s application. This app has a clean, simple and easy to use design . Once the robot has been associated, we have at our disposal a good number of different options. Highlight, above all, the fast mapping function that takes the robot to “walk” through our home without vacuuming or scrubbing, to generate the map in a few minutes.


With a 5,200 mAh battery, the S7 Pro Ultra has an autonomy of up to 3 hours of cleaning, which if we combine it with the ability to empty the 400 ml tank in the charging base, gives us an automated autonomy of about seven weeks.

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