Roborock T7 / Pro Review: Long Range Conqueror, 2020 Winner


Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Roborock Technology successively launched the Roborock T7 and Roborock T7 Pro, which together form the Roborock T7 series. From the perspective of traditional sweeping robots, there is not much difference between Roborock T7 and T7 Pro on paper parameters. Both have exactly the same performance, accessories, workmanship, and basic functions.

Roborock T7 is an iterative new product of Roborock’s tradition. The introduction of the Roborock T7 Pro binocular provides a better obstacle avoidance system and additional AI recognition capabilities. It is worth mentioning that this is a rare occurrence for Stone to launch two flagship products in a short period of time. It also shows that its accumulation of technological achievements has shown signs of exploding.

The successive releases of these two products have also caused some users who hold coins to be purchased into a tangled choice. As a pair of brothers who teach in the same field, how do these two sweeping robots work? What are the differences? Next, follow our evaluation experience to find out.


The Roborock T7 and T7 Pro have the same design ideas in terms of appearance, except that the two colors of T7’s marble white and marble gold are mainly white, while the Roborock T7 Pro currently only has obsidian black. , Have their own characteristics. Three buttons for cleaning/switching machines, recharging and partial cleaning are also placed on the top.

Both Stone T7 and T7 Pro are equipped with a 460ml large-volume dust box, equipped with a filter, and the dust box, filter, and dust box can be separated and support water washing.

Looking at the bottom, there is no difference between the Roborock T7 and T7 Pro. They are equipped with a single main brush + single side brush, steering wheel, driving wheel, main brush, side brush, and six cliff sensors at a glance. The driving wheel can be raised and lowered and rubber tires are used, which has a stronger grip and can cross obstacles up to 2cm.

Both the Roborock T7 and T7 Pro support sweeping and dragging, sweeping first and then dragging. A water tank with a capacity of 297ml can be installed at the rear of the machine in a drawer.

Both have a raised LDS laser sensor. When the sweeping robot starts, it will rotate quickly to scan the surrounding terrain and obstacles. It’s just that T7 Pro has two more 500W pixels 120° wide-angle cameras than T7, which is also the key point of the difference between T7 and T7 Pro. The charging stand only has a color difference

Cleaning experience

Whether it is the Roborock T7 or the Roborock T7 Pro, the suction power has reached 2500Pa, which is the strongest level in the robot sweeping world. Compared with the 2000Pa of the previous work, the suction power has increased by 25%.

And because of the use of a brand-new brushless fan, the performance, as well as the current and power have been improved, and the stone has also optimized the air duct for this, and the air volume is more sufficient.Roborock T7 series evaluation: 250-square-meter conqueror

Because of the 2500Pa, a MAX has been added to the suction mode. The obvious advantage of large suction is that it can pull out small areas, such as dust in the floor gap, and pick up relatively large pieces of paper. Regret.

MAX mode added for 2500Pa suction

The entire Roborock T7 series is equipped with a constant voltage control water tank, which completely solves the problem of the previous plant bionic water tank with small capacity and difficult to control water output. The peristaltic pump is more durable and the spraying accuracy is higher, which allows the Roborock T7 to accurately control its 297ml water tank. With a small amount of water, the maximum wet drag area can reach 250 square meters.

The constant pressure spring design gives the mop a stable downforce of about 300g, allowing the mop to rub against the ground. Water spray port, the smallest water output can be controlled to 2.475mlRoborock T7 series evaluation: 250-square-meter conqueror

In terms of the wet mopping effect, the Roborock T7 series, which uses a constant voltage control water tank, has been significantly improved compared to previous products. In the past, plant bionic mopping was like a “cloth wet mop” that was more watery. Passive water flow could not control the amount of water well, and the ground that was mopped was relatively humid.

The mopping experience of the Roborock T7 and the Roborock T7 Pro makes people feel more like a sponge mop. It will not leave too many water stains after being dragged, and it will dry quickly.

And there is no need to worry about the cleaning effect, and because of the presence of a constant pressure spring, the Roborock T7 series has a very powerful cleaning ability. For heavy stains, you can set up multiple cleanings of 2 to 3 times to solve.

Most importantly, because the water tank adopts active electronic control, there is no worry about excessive water leakage in the water tank. Whether it is charging or climbing, the Roborock T7 can stop spraying water to avoid water accumulation. It is more appropriate to choose a real water spray machine.

In addition, the wet mopping of the Roborock T7 series is also more intelligent. When there is a wet mopping restricted area, it will first complete the cleaning in the restricted area, and then start wet mopping in other areas to avoid first wet mopping and then affecting the dry mopping area.

Fourth, user experience: an inventory of the similarities and differences between T7 and T7 Pro

Common ground 

Whether it is Roborock T7 or T7 Pro, it has the latest map management 4.0. After the initial cleaning, the user will get a floor plan of the cleanable area in the home. The Roborock T7 series of sweeping robots support room partitioning. After scanning and generating a map, each room area will be automatically divided and distinguished by color.

It can be seen that under the blessing of the new algorithm, the Roborock T7 series will first trace the outline of the room, and then adopt the zigzag route, giving priority to the long-side cleaning, as long as the area that can be entered is in the cleaning route planning.

And thanks to the support of Map Management 4.0, we can further improve the freedom of setting this map in the APP and create more personalized cleaning solutions.

The first is partition editing. The user can divide and merge the room area on the existing map to create countless virtual small rooms.

The custom mode also appeared in the front, you can specify the cleaning suction and wet mopping amount for each room, and the sequence function is to specify the cleaning sequence of the room. Through a few operations, a unique cleaning plan can be generated. Specify the cleaning plan and order for each room.

We are already familiar with Roborock’s software restricted area/virtual wall. The Roborock T7 series of sweeping robots has been upgraded in the restricted area function. Because of the electronically controlled water tank, it can actively control whether to add water to the carriage, so the option of mopping restricted area and the sweeping restricted area is added. Where do not need to drag and where do not need to sweep, the use of restricted areas, the robot can easily distinguish.

In addition, the Roborock T7 series vacuum cleaner also supports multi-floor and multi-map management. Up to four maps can be saved, and it also supports automatic identification and matching when moving to a new environment, which is also a very practical function for duplex houses.

The difference

The main difference between Roborock T7 and T7 Pro focuses on the latter’s additional two cameras and corresponding matching algorithms.

At present, the RR Mason 7.0 system algorithm of Roborock T7 includes “real-time data management algorithm”, “perception and mapping algorithm” and “navigation and motion algorithm”.

Among them, the “real-time data management algorithm” can transfer the data collected by the various position sensors on the stone T7 fuselage to the “perception and mapping algorithm” for data sorting and analysis, and finally the “navigation and motion algorithm” based on the data analysis results To achieve optimal navigation and planning options.

On this basis, Roborock T7 Pro integrates with AI binocular cameras, and the algorithm system is upgraded to the RR Mason 7.0 3D algorithm system.

It is different from the Roborock T7 in the “real-time data management algorithm” part. It adds real-time data collected by binocular vision sensors, and the “perception and mapping model algorithm” realizes SLAM positioning in mapping, AI object recognition, and dual A new framework composed of visual range finding.

This difference makes the Roborock T7 Pro more advantageous than T7 in terms of navigation, obstacle avoidance, and motion algorithms in principle. Moreover, in view of the huge workload brought by the AI ​​binocular camera and supporting software algorithms, the Rock T7 Pro is also equipped with a baseband version of Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, making it a performance guarantee for AI recognition and smooth operation of obstacle avoidance.

Thanks to the joint assistance of the above software and hardware, the Roborock T7 Pro supports real-time video and real-time photo functions, and at the same time fully considers privacy and security. First of all, the pre-requirement to avoid misoperation is designed-you need to press and The “sweep button + recharge button + partial sweep button” on the sweeping machine can be unlocked after three seconds.

Real-time pictures and real-time videos are only used as a relay and encrypted transmission through the server. Take Stone’s privacy policy as an example. The photos collected by the sweeping robot are encrypted and stored on the device. When they need to be viewed in the APP, the encrypted images are transferred to the mobile phone through the server, and the server will check the stored images within 3 working days. The photo is deleted.

fter the real-time video is unlocked, an icon with a camera logo will appear on the map interface. Click to enter to view the recording screen of the Roborock T7 Pro in real-time.

In the real-time video, the user can view the cleaning screen in real-time, or switch to the remote control mode to control the Roborock T7 Pro.

This sense of control is similar to controlling a toy car or drone on a mobile phone. Click the upper right corner to see the cleaning route and the cleaning map. If you feel that the image is not clear enough, you can switch the image clarity.

When the Roborock T7 Pro sweeps the bottom of the bed and other low-light environments, it will automatically switch to the infrared LED fill light.

In the daytime and strong light environment, the infrared fill light does not turn on, and the sensor inside the camera mainly receives visible light. In low light environments, the infrared fill light turns on automatically, and the sensor inside the camera mainly receives infrared light.

Night picture

The Roborock T7 Pro can not only transmit real-time video images but also accurately identify obstacles and display real-life photos of obstacles on the map.

At the same time, it also takes photos of obstacles and gives the recognition results and possibilities, and different objects have different obstacle avoidance distances: ordinary obstacles <shoes/weight scales/bar chair base/fan base<plug board< A group of power cords <Baba (the obstacle avoidance distance is getting larger and larger).

Quite interestingly, the sound transmission function has now come to the Roborock T7 Pro. By sending voice through the APP, the T7 Pro can broadcast the original sound to others, giving users more imaginative gameplay space.

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Roborock T7 and Roborock T7 Pro are undoubtedly Roborock’s most breakthrough products in recent years, continuing its original reputation.

Among them, the Roborock T7 as a mainstream product may be more suitable for ordinary users. It has the same 2500Pa super suction power and a 297ml constant voltage control water tank with the Roborock T7 Pro. It is used in sweeping and mopping. Compared with the actual performance, the basic functions of the Roborock T7 Pro are also excellent, and there is not much difference.

Compared with the Roborock T7, the upgrade of T7 Pro lies in its advanced obstacle avoidance function. With the blessing of AI binocular hardware and software, it can capture three-dimensional information of the operating environment and judge the obstacle avoidance distance according to different target objects. Plan the route more efficiently.

If the user has a baby at home, keeps a pet, or the ground in the home is messy and has a strong demand for obstacle avoidance, then the Roborock T7 Pro is more suitable.

In addition, now during the Double Eleven period, the Roborock T7 series has also ushered in considerable discounts and promotions: the market price of T7 is 2899 yuan, now it has dropped by 600 yuan, and the price is 2299 yuan; the market price of T7 Pro is 3899 yuan, Now it is 900 yuan straight down, and the price is 2,999 yuan.

According to the previous pricing, it is the best time to buy the Roborock T7/T7 Pro. Interested friends may wish to pay attention.


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