Rogbid, a Top Smartwatch Manufacturer has Leading the Watch World Now


About Rogbid

Rogbid specialized in top smartwatches for different kinds of customers, they have produced many wonderful smartwatches such as Rogbid Brave, Rogbid GT2, Rogbid Rowatch SE,etc. They also have their own strict concept. For example,

  1. Adhering to “Wear Me Embrace The World” concept, we strive
    to provide a perfect product experience to consumers and
    dealers since founded in 2016.

2.Operate a dozen firms, undertake the design business,
production tooling and manufacturing business, and there are
dozens of patents in software, hardware development, ID and
structural design in the smartwatch field.

3.By combined with compelling design, superior quality and best
value, build business partnership in more than 40
countries worldwide, and achieve multiple industry records such
as  RogbidBrave, the world-first IP68 certificated smartwatch.

Events of Rogbid

Rogbid has been founded in March of 2016,  got Global Entry in Spetember, 2016. They created Outdoor Series
Eleves&Frost Launch in April, 2017, TomTop as one of biggest Chinese e-shops has become Rogbid partnership in Feb. 2018, In April, 2018, Rowatch series launched. So more and more e-shop cooperated with Rogbid due to hot brand such as Banggood which cooperated in October, 2018,  in order to bring more new products, they produced outdoor Series Prime&Grace Launch in May, 2019, besides, Rowatch Series and Rowatch 2 were released in June, 2019. Do u think they stop? Of course, due to their business expanded, they got outdoor Series GT Launch in April, 2020, just after one month, due to market need, they released Brave and Panda Flagship. After three months passed, they upgraded their old models  to announce Brave Pro New Design, released in Dec and Panda Pro Start-Up with Qualcomm 4100. Only after one month, Panda flagship launched. According to Rogbid development history, we can see they grow faster than what we think. Right now more Chinese big e-shops cooperated with Rogbid, they will do mass production for market needs with superior quality.

Conctact Information

As we know when a brand developed stronger, they also need  to hear the voice of users. Therefore, they open some platforms to help users solve any question about their products or any suggestion that they need to improve. If you are the user in or the one in the near future, they are glad to hear from you. Just check the follow channels to get first contact or response.


Please send your comments and questions to the contact.

Want to become their business partner, or interest in testing
their products.

After-sale Support
If your product performs unwell, their engineers will help you.

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Rogbid is dedicated to making compelling design, superior quality and best value. Although Rogbid only grows in five years, we have seen its great strength to bring users with latest and powerful smartwatch that they need. Smartwatch has become essential product for many users, who will refuse to a reliable brand, Rogbid? Now they released a new smartwatch, Rogbid Air, which has 1.75 inch 320*385px HD Screen, supporting Dual Mode Dual Chip 4G-LTE, Heart Rate SpO2 Monitor,  GPS+GLONASS, IP68 Waterproof, Face Unlock, etc, running Android 9.1 OS.


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