Samsung Galaxy A02 Appeared: Geekbench Scores with Qualcomm


Samsung brand model SM-A025F appeared on the Geekbench running subnet, confirming the existence of this phone. However, its introduction said that the name of the phone is Samsung Galaxy A02 because there has been a Samsung Galaxy A01 phone before, this new product, or an iterative product of the latter.

From the exposure information, Samsung Galaxy A02 is equipped with a Qualcomm processor, but the specific model is not indicated, but the phone is an entry-level product, presumably not equipped with a very advanced chip, running Android 10 system, only 2GB of storage. The score of this phone in the Geekbench run is 757 for single-core and 3904 for multi-core. The performance is not the best, and it can only meet the needs of daily use.

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In other respects, 91mobiles said that they think this phone will be equipped with the Adreno 506 graphics processor, and the configuration should be similar to the Samsung Galaxy A01, but it is not entirely certain. Samsung Galaxy A01 uses a 5.7-inch processor with a 2GB+16GB memory combination.

There is not much information about this new phone, but it should be similar to the Galaxy A01 configuration. Let’s pay attention to this phone!


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