Samsung Released 77-inch QD-OLED flagship TV S95C: The most accurate Color Ever


During CES 2023, Samsung unveiled its new QD-OLED flagship TV, the S95C.

In fact, Samsung only released its first QD (quantum dot) OLED TV, the S95B, last year, but it only comes in 55 – and 65-inch sizes and doesn’t have a domestic version.

This time, the S95C has been upgraded to 77 inches, the body thickness has been reduced to 11mm, and the screen has the most accurate color restoration Samsung has ever had, with Pantone SkinTone certification.

At the same time, the screen refresh rate has been increased from 120Hz to 144Hz, native non-overclocking, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support for tear protection, and peak brightness up to 2,000 Nits.

The TV also has an integrated camera, microphone, light flux sensor, and provides eight Dolby panoramic sound units with 4.2.2 channels and 70W of power.

The same goes for game properties, with easy access to Microsoft’s Xbox, Utomik, and Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming platforms and, for the first time, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

Unfortunately, Samsung has yet to reveal a release date or price for the S95C. By comparison, the 65-inch S95B debuted at $2,800 and is now down to $2,000.


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