Samsung Showcases its New Folding Smartphone Concept


In March, information appeared that Samsung was working on two more smartphones with folding screens, one of which was made in the classic clamshell smartphone form factor. Then in September, the initial rumors about the successor to the original Galaxy Fold with a horizontal bending display were continued. Now, at the annual developer conference SDC19 (Samsung Developer Conference), the South Korean manufacturer has officially confirmed the development of a classic clamshell with a bendable screen in half. Recall that the original Galaxy Fold was first shown at last year’s SDC conference.

At the presentation, as part of a demonstration of the capabilities of the new proprietary shell One UI 2.0, which is already being tested on the company’s flagships, they showed a video featuring this mysterious smartphone, but they did not bring a working prototype to the event, so it is difficult to assess at what stage the development is.

As mentioned at the beginning, unlike the original Galaxy Fold, this concept smartphone uses the traditional clamshell form factor, with the only difference being that the entire inside is reserved for the screen bending across. When folded, the smartphone will turn into a compact square, and when unfolded, the aspect ratio will be close to the current trending 19: 9.

Also on the video, you can see the front camera embedded in the screen on the inside, like the Samsung Galaxy Note10. In general, the outwardly conceptual device can be described as folding in half Galaxy Note10. It also involuntarily recalls the long-awaited rebirth of the legendary Motorola RAZR clamshell with a flexible screen, which should take place on November 13.

Now the negotiated and yet unnamed new bendable smartphone in the traditional folding form factor is just a conceptual development. Whether he will end up in the Galaxy Fold 2 is still unclear. But it is obvious that Samsung leadership considers this design one of the most promising.

“This fundamentally new form factor, which we are now considering, is not only easy to fit in your pocket, but will also change the way you use your phone,” said Heyun Jung, head of Samsung’s research and development team at the time of the presentation.

The idea underlying this concept is to take the ready-made technology of Samsung folding smartphones, compact it and distribute new form factors to devices.

Alas, representatives of Samsung did not disclose any details about the characteristics, nor the timing of the release of a commercial smartphone based on this concept. They didn’t say anything about the improvements in this kind of flexible screens.

“As pioneers in the foldable smartphone segment, we understand that every innovative form factor requires the same innovative user experience,” said Hyun Jong.

Obviously, One UI 2.0, which, as we already learned, is an evolutionary development of the original One UI, which debuted last year, with mainly visual improvements, will be better adapted for folding devices.

As regards this mysterious Samsung clamshell with a flexible screen, drawing parallels with last year and the Galaxy Fold, it is quite logical to expect its full announcement at the Galaxy S11 presentation in February. Previous rumors pointed to a collaboration with renowned American designer Tom Brown, as well as a more democratic price. Recall, Galaxy Fold costs in the US $1980.

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