Samsung The SERIF TV Released: Built-in “Environmental Screen” For Sale ($1695.49)


Samsung released its new TV, Samsung The SERIF TV, at the Beijing Shanshui Art Museum. At the press conference, Samsung The SERIF TV presented the paintings in the prints of “Dali’s Divine Comedy”, which matched the TV’s unique serif “I” appearance, making the whole more artistic.

Samsung The SERIF TV is 4K resolution, using the latest QLED technology to achieve 100% color gamut performance. The TV also supports HDR 10+ technology, which can show more details of the scene even in very bright or dark scenes.

In addition, Samsung The SERIF TV has built-in “environmental screen” mode, users can use this TV to display a variety of professional art works, but also can display different texture shapes to achieve a similar mural decoration effect. This feature is also in line with Samsung’s “go to TV” concept. The environmental screen mode of Samsung The Serif series has added two designs of leaves and special textured fabrics specially designed by Ronan Brooke and Evan Brook.

The fuselage inherits four HDMI interfaces and two USB interfaces. In order not to damage the integrated feeling of the TV, Samsung also designed a cover for these excuses. At the same time, the various cables of Samsung The SERIF TV can be extended downward through one of the brackets to achieve a hidden effect.

In other respects, Samsung The SERIF TV supports NFC function and can connect speakers and other devices via Bluetooth. Of course, as a Samsung product, this TV naturally can’t afford the Bixby voice assistant function, users can control the TV through voice.

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This Samsung The SERIF TV features the concept of “going to TV”. The unique “I” design with QLED display technology can give people the illusion that this is not a TV in some scenarios. If the decoration in the home is more biased towards European and American styles, then Samsung The SERIF TV is a good choice.

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