Samsung Unveils 200 megapixel Sensor HP3: Thinner Camera Lens


The pixel competition of mobile image has reached the level of 200 million. Samsung previously launched the 200 million pixel ISOCELL HP1 sensor. Today, the official release of ISOCELL HP3 sensor, the pixel size is reduced from 0.64um to 0.56um, the camera module area is reduced by 20%, while supporting 16 to 1 pixel and full pixel focusing. It is expected to become a new generation of mobile phone night vision devices.

According to Samsung, ISOCELL HP3’s pixel size is 12 percent smaller than the previous Samsung’s 0.64 micron (μm) pixel size and contains 200 million pixels in 1/1.4 inch optical format, meaning the ISOCELL HP3 can reduce the camera module area by 20 percent. It allows smartphone makers to ensure that their high-end products are thin and light.

The ISOCELL HP3 comes with a Super QPD autofocus solution, which means all sensor pixels are equipped with autofocus.

In addition, super QPD autofocus technology can use a single lens at four adjacent pixels to detect the phase difference between horizontal and vertical directions, which enables smart phones to auto-focus more accurately and quickly.

It lets users shoot 8K videos at 30fps (Frames Per Second) or 4K videos at 120fps with less loss of field of view.

ISOCELL HP3 also offers a better low-light shooting experience. The Tetra² Pixel technology converts a 0.56 micron (μm) 200 million pixel sensor into a 1.12 micron (μm) 50 million pixel sensor by integrating four pixels into one. Or you can combine 16 pixels into a 12.5-megapixel sensor with 2.24 microns (μm).

The technology allows the sensor to mimic a large-pixel sensor, creating brighter, more vivid pictures even in dark environments such as indoors or at night.

To maximize the dynamic range of the moving image sensor, ISOCELL HP3 uses an improved Intelligent ISO Pro technology that combines the image information generated by two conversion gains in low ISO mode and high ISO mode to generate an HDR image.

The upgraded Intelligent ISO Pro technology has triple ISO modes (low, medium and high) to further improve the dynamic range of the sensor.

In addition, it enables the sensor to render a picture in more than 4 trillion colors (14-bit color depth), which is 64 times more than its predecessor’s 68.7 billion colors (12-bit color depth).

With intelligent ISO Pro technology on Staggered HDR (Single-frame, line-by-line), ISOCELL HP3 can switch between high and low ISO solutions for high-quality HDR video, depending on the shooting environment.

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Currently, Samsung ISOCELL HP3 samples are on the market and are expected to start mass production this year.


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