Share XROS Poster To Cheer For World Cup – Cross With XROS (Sweepstake)


Vaporesso has continued the Cross With XROS activity which features a lot of exciting vaping devices to be won. Participants are to share XROS posters to cheer for this ongoing world cup in Qatar and this activity started on the 1st of November 2022 and it will come to an end on the 3rd of December, so join the activity to stand a chance of winning.

Vaporesso prizes

All interested participants are to expect to join the sweepstake in order to get the full opportunity to win prizes. There are three ( 3 ) grand prizes which include; 50 bottles of e-liquid, fifty pieces of vape pods, and XROS 3 and XROS 3 Mini. While the second prize on the list is 8 pieces of vape pods, a bag, XROS 3, and XROS 3 Mini. There are about 30 Vaporesso gift bags that contains a Hoodie, a Hat, and a Bag.

Cross with XROS

How To Join:

Participants can cheer for their team via sharing on social media and tagging the vaporesso Instagram account @vaporesso_global or on Facebook @vaporessoecig with the hashtag #crosswithxros. All winners will be selected on social media. In addition, participants can customize their own posters and share them on the vaporesso social media handles above. Hurry now to join this sweepstake activity from Vaporesso before the end date.

Join Vaporesso CROSS WITH XROS Activity



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