SJ R/C Z5 Drone Review: a 1080P Camera GPS Wifi FPV Quadcopter For Just $90 at TOMTOP (+Coupon)


SJ R/C Z5 is a new foldable drone with GPS, FPV via WiFi and camera with full HD resolution (1080p)! Z5 is produced by SJRC which is known for making super good products at a very low price. You get really much drone at a super sharp price!


This drone is completely portable, very easy to transport, thanks to its system of folding arms that allow you to carry it in a backpack without problems. Gone are the larger and bulkier drones, now what it takes are these drones much more manageable so you can put them in a suitcase and take them out on your next trip or adventure. Mount a 1200mAh battery, so it will give you an autonomy of up to 14 minutes of flight. The time to charge your battery will be in exchange for 90 minutes.


One of the great advantages of this drone, is as we anticipated, the tracking mode that detects where you are going to follow and not only do not lose sight of it but can make very artistic follow-up shots. It will stay in the frame at all times, so you will have it very easy to record a sequence shot to yourself with your hands-free. You will get high-quality images in 1080p with a 90º angle. What are you going on vacation and want to record a bit of your tour? with SJRC Z5 it is possible to make selfies, capturing your route at all times and automatically maintaining the frame, without having to touch anything and with a bird’s-eye view that you could not get otherwise. Incorporates the function of returning home for when you are with low battery do not lose it anywhere.

Bring your audiovisual creations to life with this drone that gives you fluid, fresh and creative images. Use the GPS to see the map on your mobile with the route and the position of your drone. Even if you are not an expert it will be very easy to fly it in manned flight mode. Grab your smartphone, open the map and draw a route with your hand. The drone will receive your orders and will do exactly the route marked on the map. The mode headless meanwhile is very good for those who do not want complicated when flying a drone method because you will not have to worry about the orientation blow it up will be much more intuitive and easy.


This is the deluxe edition of the Z5 drone where it has the best camera, wifi module and comes in a really nice bag. We can buy SJ R/C Z5 from TOMTOP at For Just $90 by using this Coupon Code: HYZGTA and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping

Update on March 3, 2020

SJ R/C Z5 1080P Camera GPS Wifi FPV Drone Quadcopter
Price: $99.99
Delivered by Duty Free Shipping


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