SJRC F11S Pro 4K Foldable Drone Selling at $168.06


SJRC F11S 4K Pro is a powerful drone with GPS, FPV via WiFi, and a high-resolution camera. F11 is also equipped with powerful Brushless motors that provide lots of power and flight time of up to 25 minutes per. charging. SJRC F11S 4K Pro GPS Drone is produced by SJRC which is known for making super good products at a very low price. You really get a lot of drones for a super sharp price!

Buy SJRC F11S Pro Drone on Aliexpress


Still maintaining the spirit of the modern and powerful design of the machine, SJRC F11S Pro owns a quite compact chassis, foldable wings for easy and convenient travel, with an ultra-light but extremely durable plastic shell. Definitely helps to protect the camera assembly and internal components well.


The camera with 100° FOV lens takes the captured images to the next level, giving you a wide panoramic view of your beautiful moments. Built-in 5G wifi data transmission should be stable at a distance of 500m, helping to ensure the quality of images and videos and transmit immediately without delay. The camera is supported by an electronic gimbal with two axes, which will help you get a very clear and smooth image.


SJRC F11S Pro is relatively easy to fly because it keeps the altitude itself – you only have to concentrate on steering right/left and forward/backward. On the transmitter, you can see your settings and easily make take-off and landing which is done with the click of a button. The multitude of modes and top features of this drone make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants a quality drone, which records very good footage and has a much lower price than other competitors. With the help of the application you can see on the phone real-time images, but also information about the drone such as the battery, the distance between you and the drone, the radio control battery, or the function of finding the drone in case of a remote accident.


The return home function will be activated when the aircraft loses connection or is about to run out of battery and returns to the original position intact to help you not lose your device when flying.

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Where To Buy

SJRC F11S Pro 4K Foldable Drone is now available on Aliexpress For Just $168.06 on lowest price. Click the following button for order now:

Buy SJRC F11S Pro Drone on Aliexpress


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