Snowplus Alien X Pod Review: Features And Specs


With the vape marking being overly saturated, it can be challenging to find a device that holds all the characteristics you need. However, with its elegant design and class-leading technology features, Snowplus’ Alien X is sure to impress even the toughest of critics.

Snowplus Alien X comes with advanced technology specs and intuitive features that deliver a smooth, flavorful, and enjoyable vaping experience. In addition to the technical features, the Snowplus Alien X also comes with a thoughtful and ergonomic design aimed to elevate your caping.

The pod adopts a germ-free pod-swap design that allows users to change pods without having any contact with the mouthpiece along with a clear side window that helps users to check and keep track of the e-liquid level. And, to raise the bar, even more, the Alien X pod includes advanced anti-leak solutions that ensure 99% of puffs are leak-free.

To improve performance, the Alien X comes with a custom-designed Snowplus X1 chip that controls intelligent auto-recognition functions, ensuring a stable power output. In addition, the chip offers an even atomizing temperature of 220° C to 230° C, to optimize flavor delivery with reliable vapor consistency.

Snowplus Alien X has a flavor integrity of 99.9% with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or additives. And with a powerful 300mAh battery, you’ll get up to 370 puffs in one charge using a standard USB Type C charging port.

Where To Buy:

All products are available on the official Snowplus website. And don’t miss out, the Snowplus Alien X is currently available for a discount price on the official Snowplus website, giving you the chance to indulge in more of the unique Snowplus Pods flavors.


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