Sony PlayStation VR2 Appeared: Sony Will Continue Slim Design


Sony announced on social media that it will officially launch PlayStation VR2 in 2023, and announced that it will prepare more than 20 games for it.

Today, some users released the product manual of PS VR2, from which we can get a glimpse of some parameters of this product that Sony has high hopes for.

According to the parameter information, the single eye resolution of PS VR2 has reached 2000*4000, and the observation field has also been increased to 110 degrees. With the newly added eye-tracking system, it can allow users to obtain a better sense of immersion.

At the same time, different from the currently exposed development kit of 630 grams, the mass production version will be further “slim down” to 560 grams, and the lighter weight can also effectively reduce the user’s burden of use.

At present, Sony has not announced the specific release time and price of PlayStation VR2 but judging from the popularity of the PS5 console when it was released, there is a high probability that this product will also become a “good financial product”.

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