SONY’s First APS-C Movie Machine, the FX30, has a New 26-megapixel CMOS


Sonyalpharumors today updated its leaked information about SONY’s first APS-C movie machine, the FX30, saying that the 12-megapixel information leaked yesterday was incorrect and has now been confirmed as 26-megapixel CMOS.

Sonyalpharumors claims that SONY’s FX30 has the same video specs as the FX3, so he subconsciously thinks the FX30 has 12 megapixels. But now, he’s 100% sure that the FX30 is powered by 26 megapixel CMOS, has some evidence, and will release its first photos later today.

In terms of price, SONY’s FX30 is expected to cost $2,500 (17,250 yuan), almost the same as the current full-frame A7M4, according to previous sources.

Last year, SONY released the FX3, a full-frame movie camera with a single MSRP of 32,000 yuan, IGeekphone reported.


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