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The Soocas W1 oral Irrigator not only effectively removes food debris but also prevents the growth of bacteria, the formation of tartar, the development of caries, and a number of other problems that directly result from improper care. And using the rinse, you can still freshen your breath, and strengthen the health of your gums.

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A directed stream of water with a diameter of 0.66 mm pulsates at a frequency of 1300 times per minute, accurately penetrating into the gaps between the teeth, places around the dental crowns, and into the most inaccessible places, literally knocking out all the dirt from there.

While gently massaging the gums to wake up blood circulation and improve the overall health oral cavity. The independent pressure maintenance system of the Soocas W1 irrigator keeps the pressure of the water flow at a constantly high level even when the battery is low.

In order to be able to provide proper oral care even on trips and travels, the engineers equipped the Soocas W1 with a folding case, which allows you to reduce the size of the device by almost half. At the same time, its weight is 200 g, and in the unfolded state, the volume of the reservoir is 150 ml, which is enough for several uses at once and eliminates the need to add liquid before each use.


The irrigator is waterproof and has an IPX7 moisture protection standard. This allows the device to be completely rinsed to keep it clean and also makes it convenient to use while showering or taking a bath.


Soocas W1 has a built-in high-precision pressure control chip that regulates the operation of the device. With it, the irrigator can reach 140 psi. The nozzles are able to rotate 360 ​​degrees, cleaning the oral cavity in all directions and doing it without much effort.

The smart chip built into the irrigator Soocas W1 precisely controls the pressure of the water flow, pumping it up to 140 psi. Under the action of a powerful and directed jet, neither bacteria nor hard deposits can resist. Deep cleaning of even hard-to-reach places completely eliminates sources of unpleasant odor and gives persistent and long-lasting freshness.

Soocas mouthwash contains ingredients to strengthen and protect gums. With the help of an irrigator, they penetrate deep into the gaps between the teeth, forming a thin coating to protect and restore the gums.


The Soocas W1 irrigator has an amazing battery life that can reach 90 days. Thus, the device confirms its portable status – on long trips you do not have to worry about recharging the device. By the way, thanks to fast charging via USB-C, 4 hours will be enough to replenish the energy of the irrigator.

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