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It is unlikely that any of the vapers will be surprised now with liquids based on nicotine salt with a strength of 50 mg/ml, thanks to which you can literally cope with nicotine addiction in just three or four puffs. Such e-liquids can be bought at any vape shop, and you can choose not just the taste of tobacco or blueberries, but also complex mixes that are comparable in taste to e-liquids based on organic nicotine. But for this, you need to purchase the right device. It is unlikely that anyone will argue that Suorin devices are considered exemplary POD systems. Despite the fact that the company has released a lot of devices of this format, their new closed-type system, the Suorin ACE 15W Pod, saw the light of day.

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The device turned out to be quite interesting and original, simple and autonomous – exactly the way most vapers need it. Suorin is considered one of the first to release POD systems, and its developers constantly delight vapers with interesting devices. One of these devices is Suorin Ace, which has an original design, excellent autonomy, and good taste.

Main Characteristics

  • Battery: 1000mAh
  • Size: 71*45*16mm
  • Cartridge Volume: 2ml
  • Charging Time: 60 minutes
  • Charging Interface: Type-C
  • Power Current: 1.0A
  • Cartridge Resistance: 1.0ohm
  • Maximum Output Wattage: 15w
  • Working Voltage: 3.3 –
  • 4.2V Compatible with Suorin Shine Cartridge


If a vaper expects something original or non-standard in the configuration of this device, then he will have to disappoint him – everything is simple. In the vaper box awaits:

  • Suorin ACE 15W Pod Kit;
  • Suorin ACE POD cartridge;
  • USB Type-C cable;
  • User’s manual.

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Suorin POD systems are rightfully considered one of the most popular among vapers. And if you touch on history, then the first POD systems that began to be freely sold in retail chains were precisely Suorin. Even now, when there are dozens or even hundreds of such devices on the shelves of vape shops, Suorin is in deserved demand. Despite the large assortment, the company decided to release a new device – Suorin ACE 15W Pod, which is rightfully a worthy successor to popular POD systems.

If you look at the Suorin ACE 15W Pod, it becomes clear that the company’s designers clearly wanted to surprise vapers, as they moved away from straight lines and strict colors a little. The new device immediately causes an involuntary smile of tenderness – a rectangular shape is complemented by convex side panels that give the device its own special charm. The dimensions of the device are very modest – 71x45x16 mm. A lot of attention is paid to the design – the vaper has 12 body options, all of which are bright and original.

The device is designed to use replaceable cartridges with a built-in evaporator, and Suorin Shine cartridges can be used. You can buy Suorin ACE 15W Pod in twelve colors, and a wide variety, so the vaper definitely has plenty to choose from. The device is equipped with a fairly simple, but at the same time reliable board that allows you to activate the Suorin ACE 15W Pod both by tightening it and by pressing the small “Fire” button located on the side panel. The battery charge level, charging and activation are reported by a small LED located on the “Fire” button.


Suorin ACE 15W Pod runs on a constant power of 15 watts (as the name implies), which is provided by a built-in 1000 mAh battery, which is a good indicator for such a compact device. The battery is charged with a current of 1A using the USB Type-C connector located on the top of the device.

Suorin ACE POD Cartridge

We should immediately say a special thank you to the Suorin developers for the fact that in the ACE 15W Pod you can easily use cartridges from the previously released Suorin Shine POD system. Such a wise decision makes it possible to significantly simplify the problem of finding cartridges since many vape shops have cartridges for Suorin Shine. The cartridge in the battery pack is held in the traditional way – with the help of magnets.

The Suorin ACE 15W Pod comes in only one variant – with a built-in 1-ohm vertical coil. An important feature of such cartridges is that they use purified organic cotton; thanks to which the taste of the liquid will be brighter and richer.

In order to fill the cartridge, it is necessary to remove it from the battery pack; open a small silicone plug on the side surface, and pour in 2 ml of liquid. It is advisable to use bottles with a thin metal spout, as the filling hole is quite small.

Conclusions and Impressions

It cannot be said that the Suorin ACE 15W Pod is something new in the world of vaping, rather, it is a slightly modified Suorin Shine, but the changes turned out to be only positive since the new device turned out to be compact and original. If you need a small POD system that has good autonomy and practicality; then the ACE 15W Pod is what a vaper needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Compact dimensions;
  • Large selection of colors;
  • Capacious battery;
  • Activation by button or by tightening;
  • Compatible with Suorin Shine cartridges;
  • Good taste transfer.


  • Weak charging current;
  • No tightening adjustment.

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