The Ultimate Gaming Phone: Nubia’s RedMagic 7


The gaming phone is an essential part of your mobile gaming arsenal if you’re a fan of mobile gaming. A gaming phone’s cooling system eliminates heat buildup and allows for long and stable gaming sessions. In spite of this, these smartphones often lack other features needed for daily use.

This rule seems to be broken by Nubia RedMagic 7, a new-generation gaming phone. The phone boasts being the first and fastest gaming phone without compromising your day-to-day use. In this article, we will take a look at the RedMagic 7 to see whether it is truly the best gaming phone in 2022. But before we get into the RedMagic 7 specs let’s take a look at what are the advantages of having a gaming phone.

Advantages of Using a Gaming Phone

Today, we tend to play games at home as well as on our smartphones, so why not take the gaming experience with us, by having a dedicated gaming phone? And while we know a gaming phone is good for gaming (it is made for that after all), what about when it comes to mobile casinos and iGaming? With the increasing popularity of mobile casinos, many users are looking for a way to improve their experience, and a gaming phone might just be the thing. of Having a gaming phone can help get the ultimate experience when you find your favourite new mobile casinos. Let’s go over some of the main advantages:

  • Better Battery Life- One of the main advantages of having a gaming phone is the better battery life which in the result means longer gaming sessions, and this is an important aspect when playing at a mobile casino
  • Enhanced Performance – Dedicated gaming phones offer top-of-the-line specialized hardware (like haptic triggers), improved RAM, and/or the most powerful CPU or GPU configurations, among other compelling reasons to buy one, as well as incredible screens such as the 6.8in OLED display on the Red Magic 7.
  • Better Refresh Rate – Almost every visual task you perform on your smartphone will feel smoother with a high refresh rate. By syncing the display with the GPU’s images more frequently, higher refresh rates reduce screen tearing during sudden animations. In addition, visual latency is lower, making gameplay much smoother for gamers.

RedMagic 7 Features

Using the RedMagic 7, you’ll enjoy excellent performance and responsiveness.

The 6.8-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 165Hz, 12GB of RAM, and 65-watt charging speed all have a benefit beyond the numbers themselves. As a result, we can see a glimpse of the features that are likely to make their way into mainstream smartphones soon.

There is a shorter software update cycle for the RedMagic than for other phones at this price point. Although many gaming phones come with a cooling fan, the RedMagic 7 has an internal one that is crucial for keeping the phone cool when playing intense games.

Fast Charging that More Phones Need

An important feature of the phone is its 65-watt GaN charger. Using the dual 4,500-mAh double-cell battery, the phone can go from 0% to 98% in less than 30 minutes. Definitely not a phone that requires overnight charging. The screen shows the percentage as it charges, and the cooling fan runs to dissipate any heat.

There is also a neat trick in which you can power the phone directly from the power adapter, thus skipping the battery altogether. Since the phone will not need to draw power directly from the battery at all times when this option is available, the battery should last longer. This will also reduce the amount of heat generated by the phone during gaming.

Most people won’t benefit from the RedMagic 7, nor is it intended to do so. The phone is certainly made for true gamers looking for a really fast refresh rate and a built-in fan for cooling.


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