The Xiaomi AIOT Developer Conference is Held today! Cooperate With IKEA


at the first MIDC Developers Conference, Xiaomi announced the opening of the Xiaomi IoT Developer Platform. The founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun officially announced that the Xiaomi IoT platform has more than 85 million connected devices. With more than 10 million units and over 400 partners, it has become the world’s largest intelligent hardware IoT platform. At the same time, Lei Jun also announced that Xiaomi has built the world’s largest consumer-grade IoT IoT platform.

Lei Jun, founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group said at the scene that “AI+IoT” is the future of the market and one of Xiaomi’s core strategies. Today’s artificial intelligence + IoT technology has been applied. Widely used, from TV to light bulbs and alarm clocks, it can be controlled by AI. “AI+IoT” brings convenience to life and makes people feel the wonderful life brought by technology.

It is reported that Xiaomi Artificial Intelligence Open Platform is an open innovation platform that provides intelligent scenarios and software and hardware ecological services for users, software and hardware manufacturers and individual developers, based on the smart home demand scenario. According to Xiaomi’s second-quarter earnings report, Xiaomi has invested or hatched more than 220 eco-chain companies, 100 of which focus on developing intelligent hardware and consumer goods. The Xiaomi artificial intelligence open platform has connected more than 115 million IoT smart devices and built a global The largest consumer-grade IoT platform, leading Amazon, Google and Apple.

In terms of AI application, the voice service “Little Love Classmate” has more than 30 million monthly active users after one year of online launch, and more than 1 billion wake-ups in a single month.

From the schedule, Lei Jun will be the first to deliver a speech this morning, detailing the Xiaomi AIOT strategy. Subsequently, the president of IKEA Retail China and the head of the IKEA smart home business will be on the stage, and it is expected that the cooperation details will be announced.

It is speculated here that IKEA smart home products will be connected to the Xiaomi AioT platform, and it is likely to support the “Little Love Classmate” voice control.

As the giant of the traditional home furnishing industry, IKEA chose Xiaomi for the first time to test the smart home, and more behind it is the recognition of Xiaomi’s achievements.

Lei Jun once asserted that the number of IoT devices will be an order of magnitude larger than that of mobile phones in the mobile Internet era, and it contains huge market opportunities. And AI and IoT have a lot of integration points, I believe that in the future, hundreds of billions of IoT devices will bring AI intelligent session system.

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The cooperation between Xiaomi and IKEA will be another milestone event of Xiaomi AioT, which will definitely promote Xiaomi’s further sublimation in the AIOT field.

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