Thunder Snake Viper Mini Signature Edition Wireless Mouse Released 2,299 yuan, $343


Razer has launched its new flagship mouse, Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition, with a 2,299 yuan, $343 collection gift box.

The highlight of the new mouse is the weight, only 49 grams, magnesium alloy outer skeleton, with large hollow weight reduction, both strength and lightweight.

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with a FOCUS PRO 30K optical sensor (PAW3950), which supports asymmetric stop technology through driving. The left and right keys are the third generation of optical micro-motion, with a theoretical life of 90 million clicks, faster trigger response and higher life performance.

The mouse also supports Razer HyperPolling wireless technology and has a dedicated 4KHz receiver that allows polling rates up to 4KHz and claims latency down from 1ms to 0.25ms.

For battery life, the Thunder Snake Viper Mini Signature Edition has up to about 60 hours of battery life and supports Type-C charging.

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In addition, the new mouse comes with a SpeedFlex ultra-flexible cable, and comes with special non-slip stickers, replaceable PTFE stickers, glass stickers, and a cleaning kit.


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