TINHIFI P1 Max Hifi Earphone Offered at $99


TinHiFi has launched to the market a comprehensive upgraded version of this IEM model; it is called TinHiFi P1 Max Hifi Earphone. Carrying a completely new design language and a larger flat magnetic driver cluster, the P1 Max provides a comfortable wearing experience and delivers excellent audio performances for audiophiles.

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The most impressive in this accessory is the cable, with a design that is not only beautiful but also very durable. Inside this cable are 108 conductors made of OCC monocrystalline copper. The fact that the conductors are twisted together provides good durability and extremely accurate and sensitive signal transmission. The connector will be in the form of 2 pins and is gold-plated like the 2.5mm jack. TinHiFi P1 Max owns a very different design compared to the elder P1. With a larger flat magnetic driver cluster, the P1 Max will have a larger format than the P1. For the weight not to be increased, the headset housing will be made of plastic instead of metal.


TinHiFi equips TinHiFi P1 Max with a flat magnetic driver cluster with a diameter of 14.2mm and a diaphragm only 2μm thick. To increase the linearity of the negative bands, TinHiFi also integrates inside the flat magnetic driver the N52 magnet system with very strong magnetism. With a wide frequency response range from 10Hz to 20kHz, 98dB sensitivity, and 16Ohm impedance, users can pair this headset with the DAP HiBy R5II model for the best listening experience. In the low-frequency region of P1 Max, there is a diffuse elastic characteristic, which can best be assessed on percussion. Starting from a localized position, it strikes down vigorously, purring and expanding space impressively.

Copper Wire

The TinHiFi P1 Max uses high-purity single crystal copper wire with a 108-core configuration. This cable provides smooth and warm sound signal transmission. It features a 2-pin gold-plated connector and a balanced 2.5mm gold-plated termination plug.

Gaming Mode

This tuning will give more detail to the atmosphere around you for games. Walking through Elwynn Forest in WoW was especially fun and nostalgic as the music grew around me, mixed with the sounds of nature. The volume difference between these details and the voices isn’t too obvious, so you get a fuller, more detailed sound to play with.

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