TOMSHOO Pull Up Bands 5 Packs (Review) (Germany Warehouse)


TOMSHOO Pull Up Bands Set incorporates 5 Exercise Bands of various shading and pressure, which permit you to utilize single or more groups to challenge various levels and accomplish more significant standards.

TOMSHOO Pull Up Bands


TOMSHOO Pull Up Bands comes with entryway anchor and handles, you can attempt additional intriguing exercises by utilizing with the obstruction groups. This unit is minimized stuffed in the conveying pack, lightweight and versatile, exceptionally advantageous to perform preparing schedules any place you are.

TOMSHOO Pull Up Bands

5pcs practice groups with various shadings, each is plainly set apart with weight sign for various pressure range: Yellow 5-15LB, Red 15-35LB, Black 30-60LB, Purple 40-80LB, Green 50-125LB. Utilize single band or consolidate more groups to perform testing movement strength.

TOMSHOO Pull Up Bands


Made of regular latex, the level circle groups are harmless to the ecosystem and fit easily around your body. The rock solid material is tear-safe and dependable long notwithstanding of rehashed stretch. Also, Its Completely furnished with an entryway anchor and 2 handles to extend the assortments of your activity with the opposition groups. The nylon lashes are sewn tight to stay away from simple breakage and tearing.

TOMSHOO Pull Up Bands

Also, Accompanies a capacity sack for advantageous versatility. The entire pack is minimal that won’t occupy a lot of room or add additional significant burden to your knapsack, ideal for conveying to the rec center, office or travel.


TOMSHOO Pull Up Bands Extraordinary help for pull up, jawline ups, plunges to advance muscle preparing, foster body adaptability and actual versatility, appropriate for all kinds of people. You can easily buy this from Cafago at $10.99

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