Top 10 Best Antutu Score Smartphones of September 2019


AnTuTu announced the Android phone’s performance rankings in September 2019 on Weibo. The top ten are NEX 3 5G, iQOO Pro 5G version, ROG 2, Black Shark game phone 2 Pro, Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G, Meizu 16s Pro, Redmi K20 Pro exclusive version, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, one Plus mobile phone 7 Pro and Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

From this list, we can see that vivo is the leader and won the top two. The top-ranked NEX 3 5G is popular with consumers for its stunning waterfall screen design and powerful hardware performance. The iQOO Pro 5G version has been hailed as a “national 5G mobile phone” for its high-cost performance. As far as the current status is concerned, the iQOO Pro 5G version is definitely the most popular 5G mobile phone.

As the latest performance flagship of the iQOO family, the iQOO Pro 5G version has never been vague in terms of hardware. It is equipped with the current Android flagship mainstream Snapdragon 855 Plus processor and UFS 3.0 flash memory. Under the huge memory combination of up to 12GB+256GB, the performance of the mobile phone is quite outstanding!

What I want to say here is that in order to keep up with the huge data transmission of the 5G network, UFS 3.0 flash memory can be said to be the standard of 5G. Compared to the previous generation of UFS 2.1 flash, the sequential read speed of UFS 3.0 flash has increased by 85%. Not only does the data bandwidth double, but power consumption also decreases.

Of course, as a member of the iQOO family, the iQOO Pro 5G version has a great gaming experience. It has built-in dual Wi-Fi acceleration technology, which can greatly improve the network status of mobile phones, allowing users to say goodbye to the phone when playing mobile phones; and the optimization of Hi-Fi, 4D game shock, and game anti-howling is Improve the user’s gaming experience in all aspects.

Not only that, in order to provide the mobile phone with strong battery life, iQOO Pro 5G version also has a built-in 4500mAh large-capacity battery, which can be perfectly supported even if the user uses it for a heavy day. And in order to improve mobile phone life, iQOO Pro 5G version also supports a 44W ultra-fast flash charging solution, which can charge 78% of electricity in half an hour, and it only takes 53 minutes to fully charge.

It is worth mentioning that the iQOO Pro 5G version of the 44W ultra-fast flash charge works perfectly even in the bright screen state. And some friends broke the news, the same as the cost-effective 5G mobile phone Xiaomi Mi9 Pro, although it is also equipped with a 40W fast charge program, but only limited to the mobile phone screen state, when charging in the bright screen state, the performance of fast charge can not keep up. In contrast, the iQOO Pro 5G version is more powerful.

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From the hardware performance and various optimization aspects of the iQOO Pro 5G version, it can be ranked as the second in the 2019 Android mobile phone performance rankings in September 2019. In my opinion, iQOO Pro 5G Edition not only represents the high-cost performance of 5G mobile phones but also represents great progress in the mobile phone industry. In the future, there will be more cost-effective mobile phones out of the box, let us wait and see!

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