Top 4 Hot Smartphone Price Dropped Dramtically with 256G ROM After Spring Festival


It’s a good time to change your phone. It doesn’t matter if you miss it. There are some mobile phones that still have big price cuts.

The following is to share with you 4 models worth buying, 256G large memory price is very close to the people, want to change the phone recently friends can have a look.

Top 1:  HONOR 70
Reference price: 2199 yuan, $328 — 8G+256G.

Basic specs: Snapdragon 778G plus processor, 6.67-inch OLED medium-hole curved screen, support up to 120Hz refresh rate, built-in 4800mAh battery, support up to 66w fast charge, front 32 megapixel main camera, rear three camera, with 54 megapixel SONY IMX800 main camera, body weight 178g.

Highlights: Thin and stylish, high level of appearance, good front and rear photos, symmetrical hyperboloid body.

HONOR 70 is a curved screen phone with a very high level of appearance. It weighs 178g and is 7.91mm thin. It also has a good feel and texture.

The screen quality of this phone is also relatively high, not only has a high refresh rate, and high frequency dimming, smooth picture is also very eye protection, Snapdragon 778G+ processor, also can have a smooth experience, usually very smooth to use.

Top 2:  Redmi K50
Reference price: 2,169 Yuan, $323 — 8G+256G.

Basic configuration: Dimensity 8100 processor, 6.67-inch OLED medium hole flexible straight screen, support up to 120Hz refresh rate, built-in 5500mAh battery, support up to 67w fast charge, rear three-lens, with 48 megapixel optical anti-shake main camera, body weight 201g.

Phone highlights: 2k flagship straight screen, equipped with flagship processor, battery life configuration.

Redmi K50 is a cost-effective model, in the performance, screen and battery life, have outstanding performance, other should have all the configuration, now also has been a discount, 256G memory is only a little more than 2000.

With a HD 2k screen, a Breguet 8100 processor, a 5500mAh battery and 67w fast charge, and a rear camera capable of taking daily photos, the phone is a good combination that makes it worth taking with your eyes closed.

3. realme GT Neo3
Reference price: RMB 2,199, $328 — 12G+256G.

Basic configuration: Dimensity 8100 processor, 6.7-inch OLED medium hole flexible straight screen, support up to 120Hz refresh rate, built-in 5000mAh battery, support up to 80w fast charge, rear three-lens, 50 megapixel SONY IMX766 optical anti-shake master camera, body weight 188g.

Highlights: Strong performance, low power consumption, independent display chip, SONY outsole camera takes good photos.

realme GT Neo3 is equipped with Guet 8100 processor, strong performance, low power consumption, 120Hz high brush OLED screen, a single display chip, smooth visual effects, 5000mAh battery +80w fast charge, and flagship photography.

This mobile phone is relatively comprehensive, the configuration is first-class in the same price, and the price of more than 2000 yuan can also buy 12G+256G large memory, I think it is also very worth buying.

Top 4: iQOO Neo 7
Reference price: 2699 yuan,$402 — 8G+256G.

Basic configuration: Dimensity 9000+ processor, 6.78-inch OLED medium hole flexible straight screen, support up to 120Hz refresh rate, built-in 5000mAh battery, support up to 120w fast charge, rear three-lens, with 50 million pixel SONY IMX766v optical anti-shake master camera, body weight 202g.

Mobile phone highlights:  dual-core performance flagship, strong gaming experience, large flexible straight screen, strong battery life and fast charging.

iQOO Neo7 is a high cost performance mobile phone with strong configuration, dual core configuration, and are flagship chips, strong performance and low power consumption, as well as a large area vc cooling plate, under the screen double pressure control, double x axis vibration motor, and so on. It is very cool to play games.

This mobile phone screen is Samsung E5 luminous material, high quality, battery life and high power fast charge, image with flagship outsole main photography, comprehensive strength is also relatively excellent, purchase is also relatively cost-effective.

The above 4 mobile phones have corresponding discounts, you can buy now, which one do you prefer? Welcome to leave a message.


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