TWO TREES BLUER 3D Printer Now Sales at €136.99 [Flash Sale]


Two Trees Bluer 3D Printer is preferred as a price/performance product among the best selling 3D printers recently. With many features, it surpasses its strongest rivals, Ender 3 and Ender 3 pro. It has the ability to print very quietly thanks to its ultra-quiet motor drivers. Thanks to the filament sensor in the printer, it continues from where it left off in case of filament breaks or power cuts.


Design & Display

The Two Trees Bluer 3D Printer will delight every DIYer. This is a DIY model. So you will win enough and assemble the entire printer yourself. In addition, it also has a large print area of ​​235 x 235 x 280 mm and a decent speed of up to 200 mm/s. Of course, there is also a heated plate for better removal of the finished product and excellent metal processing.

The simple design with a sturdy aluminum frame ensures easy access to the build plate. In addition, the aluminum frame construction ensures more precise and stable prints. Overall, the Two Trees Bluer is very light, stable, and precise. In addition, the 3D printer has a metal extruder, which has significantly better properties compared to conventional plastic extruders. The service life and robustness are particularly noteworthy here.


Control is also very simple and thanks to the large 3.5-inch color display, you have everything in the palm of your hand. A wide range of print string materials is supported and the printer has all modern functions and conveniences.


A filament sensor and the recovery function should always be included with every 3D printer, as they are very helpful features. The filament sensor detects when the filament breaks or runs out. In this case, the print is stopped until a new filament is fed. The resume function in the event of a power failure also has a similar effect. The current printing progress is saved and printing is stopped until power flows again. In this way, no print results are lost and the printing process can simply be continued from the stop.

Automatic bed leveling on the Bluer 3D printer is a very useful option as the tedious manual adjustment of the print bed is sometimes too stressful. If the automatic bed leveling is still not satisfactory, there is an alternative large button for manual leveling.

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Where To Buy

TWO TREES BLUER 3D Printer is now available on CAFAGO For Just €136.99 on flash sale With Free shipping from Germany Warehouse. Click the following button to order now:



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