USB Cable Wholesale Guide


Buying a single USB cable is one thing but buying them at wholesale grade is a whole different game. You can’t settle for a random seller in the wholesale market and buy USB cables on a large scale.

You will have to evaluate a lot of factors which include data cable type, pricing, quality etc, before you decide on a particular USB cable at wholesale.

We know buying USB cables at wholesale is not an easy thing even if you are dealing with USB cables for quite a long time. That is why we have come up with this article which will give you a detailed idea regarding buying USB cables at the wholesale level.

Usual Wholesale Price You Can Expect For USB Cable

When you are going to buy USB units at wholesale, you can expect a wholesale rate of $.45 per unit. However, the pricing is highly subjective and it not only varies according to the type and quality but also according to the manufacturer you are going to choose. The professional USB cable manufacturer ByteCable can provide you with high quality charging cables, this is a trustworthy factory, I have bought many times from bytecalbe, you can also find the best usb data cables here.

However, USB 4.0 standards and Lightning cables can be expensive, although they are not widely available.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the factors that you need to consider when buying USB cables at wholesale;

Major Factors To Consider For USB Cable Wholesale

Here are all the major factors that you should keep in mind;

  • USB Cable Interface- When you are getting a USB cable at wholesale, the first thing you need to consider is the USB cable interface. You will have to choose between Micro USB, USB Type C, USB A, USB B, Mini USB, and Lightning cable. Each cable interface has its own functionality, so you should choose according to your requirement.
  • USB Cable Material-  While getting a USB cable at wholesale, another thing you should check is the outer cover material of the USB cable. Nylon, TPE and PVC are common materials used for manufacturing USB cable material.

USB cables with PVC are the non-expensive units in the market that have a hard covering and offer excellent strength and stability. Nylon, on the other hand, has the highest durability and resistance in the lot, and it doesn’t break even after years of usage.

However, TPE material is the most commonly used one for USB cables, and all top brands use this material for manufacturing their data cables. Not only is it stable and has great elasticity, but it is completely environmentally friendly.

  • USB Cable Interface Protective Shell- In general, normal consumers don’t pay attention, but as a buyer, you need to emphasize the protective shell of the USB cable. Plastic shells in the interface are the cheapest and most commonly used ones, and they offer a strong covering around the edge.
    You will also come across rubber shell interface protection that offers better flexibility and feel than rubber but has a low melting point. The metal protective shell is also a common choice in USB cables as it offers stability and dissipates heat easily.
  • USB Charging Cable Type- USB cables are also differentiated by the charging function and you will have to choose according to your requirement. Fast charging USB cables are currently in high demand, and they come with USB 3.0 ports with short lengths.

You will also come across magnetic charging USB cables that are easy to plug and unplug. Another charging cable type you will come across is a 3-in-1 cable type that can cater to different devices having different USB connector types.

  • USB Cable Transmission Capability- Not all USB cables that you will find in the wholesale market will have a data transmission and charging facility. Although it is fundamental for normal USB cables to have both functions, there are some USB cables sold by manufacturers that only offer charging.

So when you are buying USB cables on a large scale, you should enquire with the supplier about transmission capability.

  • USB Cable Copper Wire Quality- Not all suppliers of USB cables in the wholesale market will offer you USB cables with high-quality copper wire. The quality of the copper wire determines the service life, so you should evaluate the quality. USB cables with 100% pure copper wire should be your target.

However, there are manufacturers who use copper layer coated steel and aluminum wires in the USB cables and offer them to buyers. You should avoid such cables as they have a short service life due to poor electrical conductivity and ductility.

  • USB Cable Wire’s Diameter and Total Count- It is also important to inquire about the wire’s diameter and total count when you are buying USB cables on a large scale. Both factors can affect the performance and quality of the cable.

In general, the diameter of good quality USB cables varies between 0.08mm to 0.16mm. The price of the USB cables will increase in thickness and numbers of the copper wire.

You can also cut down one USB cable from the bunch and check whether it comes with the right number of wires. For example, if you are getting USB 2.0 cables for the seller, they should come with four inbuilt copper wires.

  • Current Flow of The USB Cable- When you are placing a wholesale order, you should thoroughly check the current flow of the USB cable. 2 Mah is currently the standard current flow in most USB cables.

However, there are many manufacturers who integrate small current flows to reduce the manufacturing price.

  • USB Cable Length- As we all know, the length of the data cable has a huge effect on the charging speed of the USB cable. When you are ordering a USB cable in bulk, you shouldn’t go above the 1.5m length because it serves as the standard length. All reputed manufacturers try to keep the USB length restricted between 1m and 1.5m.

Final Thought

We hope our USB cable wholesale guide will come really useful for you and help you to choose the right USB cables for your consumers. Buying USB cables at a large scale from wholesale sellers is not easy. We carefully highlight all the significant factors that you should keep in mind while getting USB cables from sellers.


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