Usmile U3 Electric Toothbrush Offered at $56.99 [11.11 Sale]


The USMILE U3 Sonic Toothbrush is a small, inconspicuous, but extremely functional device, thanks to which you will be able to finally deal with the most demanding, tartar dirt. This equipment vibrates with a very high frequency and can work in several different modes at the same time, tailored to the user’s expectations.

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Design and Build

The USMILE U3 is very comfortable to use, with three easily accessible buttons that allow you to start cleaning and select one of the twelve cleaning modes, which we will explore later. The only sore point is the lack of a display that shows the remaining cleaning time, but an effective vibration warns us when it is time to change the area in the dental arch.

Usmile U3 is equipped with professional-quality, soft and ultra-thin DuPont bristles that guarantee thorough cleaning of teeth and between teeth. The bristles feature a rounded tip, so they’re gentle on sensitive gums and won’t damage them while removing food residue and removing plaque. In this way, you not only take care of your health, but you can also get a white, shiny smile.

The advantage of the device is its high resistance to water. This equipment as befits a bathroom accessory has been designed in accordance with the IPX7 standard. This means that the USMILE U3 sonic toothbrush can withstand even intense exposure to water. Importantly, the degree of water resistance of the device is not affected by the LED display installed in it. Thanks to this, the user can read the most important information displayed by the device on an ongoing basis, even during its operation.

4 Modes

The Usmile U3 sonic brush offers 4 modes of operation, and each of them will allow you to achieve a different effect. The user can choose the Clean, White, Soft and Massage modes. You can combine them with 3 levels of intensity, and thus use up to 12 different ways of brushing your teeth. The practical LED screen will provide data on the selected vibration mode and intensity.


The Usmile U3 vibrates with a frequency of 38,000 times per minute, which translates into thorough and effective tooth cleaning. When washing, it creates an impressive number of micro-bubbles that effectively clean the space between the teeth and reduce plaque. Usmile U3 offers several levels of intensity and modes of operation, thanks to which you can combine its operation to your needs.


The brush boasts incredible battery life. It can last up to 180 days in operation on one full charge. So you don’t have to worry about battery life at all. When it’s time to charge, the corresponding diode is activated . Measured during normal cleaning 2×2 minutes a day. The brush is delivered purchased and ready for immediate use.

Where To Buy

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Coupon Code: BG28b112

Buy on Banggood

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