Uwell Caliburn X Vape Review: Comes With 6 Different Colors


Uwell Caliburn X vape unit highlights multi-control fastens. Also, it comes with different features. So, let’s review it.

Uwell Caliburn X Vape


Uwell Caliburn X vape has a huge limited battery, and an enormous presentation screen regardless of its ( plan ) size. There is a convenient OLED screen on the body of this vape unit to show vaping information, for example, Battery duration, Result power, Loop opposition, Voltage, and Number of puffs. UWELL’s Favorable to FOCS flavor change innovation carries a special benefit to CALIBURN X, giving you a valid flavor. Also, It comes with six ( 6 ) choice tones which incorporate; Twilight Silver, Lake Green, Matte Dark, Lilac Purple, Strip Red, and Ink Blue.

Uwell Caliburn X Vape

Uwell Caliburn X Vape


The Caliburn X external case wind stream change valve is advantageous for vapers to control the wind stream. In other words, There is a compelling reason need to eliminate the unit to work. Uwell’s new Caliburn X is viable with Caliburn G series curls with serious areas of strength for customizable, giving rich vaping encounters. Notwithstanding the size of this vape gadget, it conveys a 3ml e-fluid reservoir and an 850mAh inherent battery that can be quickly charged by means of the USB Type-C charging point of interaction.

Uwell Caliburn X Vape


Uwell Caliburn X vape lies under the excellent features. Also, It comes in a compact size. So, what are you waiting for? you can easily buy this from myuwell officials.


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