Uwell Sculptor Vape Review: Comes With 370 mAh AND 6 Colors


Uwell Sculptor Vape Case Pack seems to be a middle age piece of gems or part of a Shield. Also, it comes with many different features. let’s review it.


Uwell Sculptor Vape stirred surface gives it a non-slip feel and is incredibly strong simultaneously. With a size of 77.1 x 32.6 x 15.0 mm and a load of only 50 g, the Stone carver Pack is essentially perfect to hold and can likewise be worn around the neck as a brightening piece of gems with the included jewelry. Notwithstanding the noteworthy looks, the unit offers each the extraordinary MTL vape experiences with an extreme and definite taste and thick fume.

Uwell Sculptor Vape

The metal jewelry joined to the bundle makes the item a wearable tag, adding appeal to vapers. Individuals can accept it as a fabulous decoration. Elegant materials bring top caliber. The zinc combination and copper give Stone carver a solid and sturdy shell.

Uwell Sculptor Vape


The core of the Uwell Stone worker Unit Pack is the incorporated 370 mAh battery; which can be immediately revived by means of the USB Type-C association with an energizing current of 1 A. Uwell Sculptor Vape unit works with a power result of 11 watts; which is ideally matched to the 1.2 ohm Stone carver Coincided H cases and commitments broad steam meetings. Also, Its cunning programmed pull system makes a fire button pointless and a variety of Drove that is undetectably coordinated into the noteworthy plan gives data on the working status and the ongoing battery level of the incredible unit. The pods are attractively fixed on the Stone carver Pod-Mod and, aside from the mouthpiece, vanish totally in the trendy Artist Unit Mod.

Uwell Sculptor Vape

The Uwell Stone worker Case Pack has for all time introduced and consequently non-replaceable 1.2 Ohm. Also, it Up to 1.6 ml of fluid can be tracked down in straightforward units and can be filled rapidly and neatly by means of a viable side-fill. The ergonomic mouthpiece settles impeccably against the lips and because of its straightforwardness you generally have a perspective on the fluid level.

Uwell Sculptor Vape


Uwell Sculptor Vape Comes with more advanced features. It also comes with a compact size design. So, what are you waiting for? You can easily buy this from myuwell officials.


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