Vaporesso Won Over 70 Awards In 2022 – All Thanks To VAPORESSO Fams


Vaporesso being a known premium vape device manufacturer won over seventy ( 70 ) awards in 2022. However, these awards comprise the national awards and the media awards the vape company has won just this year which is coming to a gradual end. Vape accessory products from this Vaporesso are top-notch and they also guaranteed the company winning many awards.

Join Vaporesso Awards Activity


Although, 2022 has been a bumper year for vape maker ”VAPORESSO”, with over 70 awards and all thanks go to the support of VAPORESSO Fams, for details of the awards please visit: Furthermore, the company is using this medium to say a big thank you and they have also set aside a little surprise package for fans and well-wishers. Below are the set-aside rules and regulations for getting this surprise package from Vaporessso.

Rules To Follow:

1. Forward this post to your personal social media account (Could be on FB or IG).
2. Tag VAPORESSO’s official account and three of your friends (must be over 21 years old).
3. Make sure to add the hashtag #vaporessoawards in your post.
4. Vaporesso team will choose up to 4 users to send the surprise package by December 31st.

National Awards

Note: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is also an addictive chemical. participants must be 21+ to join this event ( activity ). Make sure to only use vape devices in permitted areas. So hurry now to join the Vaporesso Award Activity.


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