Vessel Vista Edge 510-thread Vaporizer Review


Vessel equipped the Vista Edge Vaporizer with good specifications and features despite the minimalist design of this vape device. Vista Edge Vaporizer features a 510- thread oil cartridge and it is powered by a long-lasting 320mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers vapers a longer vaping time. The current price tag of this vape device on vapesourcing makes it the buy time to buy.


Vista Edge Vaporizer Main Features And Specifications:

  • 1. Battery Capacity: 320mAh ( in-built ).
  • 2. Compatible Cartridge: Most 510- thread cartridges.
  • 3. Charger Compatibility: Vessel base charger and USB Type- C.
  • 4. Features: 3 LED battery indicators, Four voltage settings, and Protected cartridge drop-in design.
Buy Vista Edge Vaporizer

In terms od design, the Vessel Vista Edge Vaporizer adopts a pocketable design with dimensions of 46- inches L x 0.53- inches D and it has a gross weight of 30grams. In addition, this vape pen features a cartridge drop-in design that helps to protect your cartridge and also ensures the oil visibility in order to distillate simultaneously. There is a portable 3- LEDs that indicate battery life and its four voltage settings in order for users to keep track of the remaining battery life.

features and specifications

It will interest you to know that this vape pen is compatible with base chargers and rover cases. The equipped USB Type- C charging interface guarantees the fast charging of the onboard battery.

Where To Buy:

The Vista Edge Vaporizer is currently available for a pocket-friendly price on Vapesourcing.


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