Viltrox DC-55 5.5 Inch Professional 4K HD Monitor For Just $149 at TOMTOP in Flash Sale


Viltrox DC-55 is a 5.5″ monitor that has a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080p and works perfectly with your Canon, Nikon, and Sony DSLR Camera/ Video Camera. This monitor has many features like peaking, false color, monochrome display, histogram and audio column professional functions etc.

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These features help you as a photographer or filmmaker to work easier and get the best results possible. The screen can receive 4K signal. It’s very portable, and especially if all you need is a way to see yourself and frame up a shot for web video or something. also, a good option if you need a cheap monitor for perhaps a crane or jib type device.

This compact monitor offers a headphone output for monitoring audio and also has multiple monitoring functions, such as peaking and histogram, for measuring focus and other factors. Included with the monitor are a removable sun hood, HDMI cables with silicone cases for uncluttered storage, a DC power cable, and a carry pouch for storing everything.

A camera monitor displays whatever your camera sees, replacing the camera eyepiece and moreover featuring functions for fine-tuning focus and exposure. The DC-50 is among the more affordable monitors available, especially considering the many accessories it comes with, and it’s affordable thus because its resolution, brightness, contrast, viewing angle, and focus and exposure functions are limited in comparison to higher-end monitors.

If you are a vlogger or video producer but lacking a foldable screen or just need a larger screen, Viltrox DC-55 Camera Monitor will work perfectly to suit all needs. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $149 in Flash Sale


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