VIOMI Aromatherapy Humidifier Dust Odor Machine For Home Bedroom For Just $39.99 at Gearbest


VIOMI Aromatherapy Humidifier provides soft air humidification and helps to create a favorable atmosphere in the apartment. It moisturizes and flavors the air, improves sleep, relieves a cough and dryness in the nose, and also allows you to relax after a hard day or cheer up in the morning.

VIOMI Aromatherapy Humidifier fuselage is different from the general Founder shape, the overall removal of the top of the cone, lime color, mini compact. The working principle is through the atomization film 1.7 million times per second frequency of vibration, resulting in a uniform mist, there will be no condensation of water droplets, wetting the surrounding items. Ultrasound frequency 2.4MHz.

It contains 200ml mini water tank, adding oil can continue to fog after 6 hours, if you choose intermittent fog mode, the fog can continue to 12 hours. Support multi-file timing, including 1h, 3h, 5h, etc., with intelligent sensors inside, once the water is insufficient, the leftmost breathing light will automatically shut off after flashing 10.

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In addition, also support automatic power-down dump, to avoid accidents. Intimate mute design, the sound to ensure that at night can affect sleep (30dB or less). In addition to a 4-color gradient atmosphere light, you can freely choose the color you like, but also lock a light, used as a night light.

In order to create a romantic, relaxing or activating atmosphere, you can use not only various aromatic oils but also 4 colors of the backlight, as well as use a humidifier as a Bluetooth speaker that will play music from your mobile device. Aromatization of air relieves stress after a busy day, ideal for masking smoking and pet smells. Nice lighting and a timer, as well as quiet operation, make it an indispensable attribute of romantic dates and children’s rooms.

The VIOMI Aromatherapy Humidifier provides six hours of continuous diffusing with four different color gradual breathing soft night-lights. The diffuser can glow in four different colors adding a great aura to your room. Right now we can buy it from Gearbest at $39.99


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