Voopoo Vinci Air Vape VS Vinci Mod Pod Comparison Review


The Voopoo Vinci Air vape is the most unprecedented case device from Voopoo. Instead of the Vinci and Vinci X, the Vinci Air is close to nothing and light and has a shape that I’m consistently used to seeing from a case vape. VOOPOO VINCI Mod Pod Kit is the update of Vinci VW Pod Mod Kit which joins a variable single 1500 battery (Excluded) and the craziest yield wattage is 40W. Equipped with a GENE.AI chip to support manual/auto modes to meet explicit vaping needs and the charming PUFF curve modes will record vaping inclinations for around fourteen days.

Voopoo Vinci Air Vape


The Vinci Air vape looks a ton like the Vinci and Vinci X unit mods yet it’s misinformed the engraving as monstrous or thick. It’s just more limited than the Vinci at 100.9mm tall yet 18mm basic which is liberally more slim. It’s a truly miserable and trim contraption. It feels fantastically wonderful in my grip and it’s altogether light too at 80g. Also, The body is made out of zinc composite and completed matte paint. It looks striking and it doesn’t hold fingerprints. The corners are completely changed and accumulate quality is high. Regardless of being close to nothing and light, the Vinci Air feels solid and tough.

Voopoo Vinci Air Vape

It has gotten basically more conspicuous considering the use of a lone 1500 battery. Taking everything into account, its more indisputable size won’t cause any issues when you hold it close by. If you become changed with the size of the past Vinci pack and will everything thought about change to this Vinci unit, it won’t cost you an over the top extent of time to alter.

Voopoo Vinci Air Vape


Vinci Air vape has a unit for the Air has an equal mouthpiece as the Vinci and Vinci X yet it is certainly not a close to kind of case; the Air isn’t satisfactory with Vinci cases. Likewise, The explanation being the unit for the Air is out and out persistently thin and rectangular instead of square. The case is totally clear so incomprehensible on Voopoo here. Besides, The 0.6ohm turn has a more important bore and is proposed for standard nicotine juices and DL vaping.

Voopoo Vinci Air Vape

VOOPOO VINCI Mod Pod just goes with the one Pod, it has a 5.5ml cut off and it is smoked, regardless not dull so you can without a genuinely pivotal stretch see the level of your e-liquid. The TPD structure clearly will be compelled past what many would think about conceivable, in any case, it appears as though it’s exactly the same size unit yet with essentially a satisfactory rendition of silicon bung presented, which may be removable? We’ll have to see.

More Features

Vinci Air vape has a 900mAh battery which isn’t regularly awful, yet it is on the more unassuming side. Using the 1.0ohm float at 12W I grasps how to encounter around ¾ of a case. This clearly won’t seem like a lot yet this gathered around two days of vaping. Vaping at 12W genuinely doesn’t use that much fluid so my juice went far.

VOOPOO VINVCI Mod Pod has a typical clear screen which is approx 0.8in tall and about a colossal part of an inch wide. Anyway, it is to some degree reducing. Especially of course with the Smok RPM40.


The Voopoo Vinci Air vape is my all-around acknowledged of the Vinci devices. The 0.6ohm twist is huge for a restricted direct lung vape yet the 1.0ohm circle is the identify the Air shines. Both are best on their own both offer you extraordinary quality and inconceivable. Furthermore, The highlights of Voopoo is giving their purchasers the best things. VOOPOO VINVCI Mod Pod is another best item. Buy Both of these from Voopoo Officials


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