VOOPOO VINCI POD SE Review – A New Member of VINCI Family


VOOPOO officially launched its latest POD product, the VOOPOO VINCI POD SE, on its website. This is a new product from the VOOPOO VINCI series. The VINCI POD SE follows the elegant style of the VOOPOO VINCI series, the newly upgraded aluminum alloy, gradient color, and streamlined design made it a fashionable POD, with both tastes, quality, and high-quality texture.


Voopoo does not skimp on quality and offers you its VOOPOO VINCI POD SE made of 7075 aluminum. Generally used for aeronautics, this material allows the Vinci Pod SE to be particularly solid and never lose color. In addition to its manufacturing quality, Voopoo equipped its electronic cigarette with a mouthpiece made with silver ions, giving it 99% antibacterial activity. Vaping with the VINCI POD SE, therefore, offers you a safe vape. Voopoo offers its Vinci Pod SE with a built-in 900mAh battery and a power range of 11-15W. This battery capacity combined with such power gives you long hours of vaping before your pod runs out. The Vinci Pod SE is recharged using a USB Type-C cable and has fast charging.

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In order to offer you a quality vape experience, Voopoo equips its Vinci Pod SE with its new 0.8ohm Vinci Series V2 cartridge offering 2ml capacity. This new cartridge features multi-layer anti-leak technology. Voopoo has installed a cross-filling system to balance the air pressure, an air passage integrated into the entire structure of the cartridge, a double silicone ring, as well as an insulation chamber for the condensation. You can therefore vape and transport your Vinci Pod SE in complete safety. 

The Vinci Series V2 cartridge also has a four-hole airflow. This system balances and seizes the air in several directions, offering a particularly smooth vapor. This also makes you benefit from intense restitution of flavors. In order to offer you a varied vaping experience, Voopoo offers its Vinci Pod SE compatible with a wide choice of cartridges: Vinci Series V2 cartridge of 0.8 ohms: offers you an intense flavor as well as a dense and immersive vapor. Its resistance also has a better lifespan. It is suitable for an RDL vape.

  • 1.2 ohm Vinci Series V2 cartridge: it also offers you intense flavor and dense vapor. With this impedance, it is suitable for the MTL vape.
  • 0.8 ohm Vinci Pod cartridge (top fillable): suitable for a soft and MTL vape;
  • 1.2 ohm Vinci Pod cartridge (bottom fillable): suitable for a soft and RDL vape; 
  • 0.8ohm Vinci Pod Cartridge (Side Refillable): It gives you the best quality flavor restoration. Adapted to the RDL vape.
  • Vinci Pod cartridge of 1.2 ohms (refillable from the side): it offers you exceptional restitution of flavors. Adapted to the MTL vape.


VOOPOO VINCI POD SE is a new member of the VINCI family. Its cartridge is fully compatible with VINCI POD, VINCI Q, VINCI POD Royal Edition, and Drag Nano 2. The upgraded cartridge comes with a super dense and original taste. With a 99% antibacterial rate, the silver ion mouthpiece offers you a reassured vaping experience. For more information visit the official website.


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