Vote Award: Lost Vape Best Of Year 2022


Lost vape is one of the famous vape device makers that has started the Lost Vape Best Of Year 2022 Award vote activity. In this activity, fans or participants are to freely vote for their preferred best 2022 vape Mods, Pod kits, Pod Mods, and also for the most favorite coil resistance in 2022.

Whenever there is an activity of this type, there are set guidelines on how to join or participate. You just have to follow the few steps below to join the Lost vape best of year award activity.

pod kit in 2022

How To Join

  • 1. All participants must be 21+ to enroll in this activity.
  • 2. You are expected to take a selfie of your favorite Lost Vape vape devices and upload it to your personal Instagram account and tag @lostvape_community.globe, also hashtagging #lostvapevote #bestofvape2022.
  • 3. Four ( 4 ) participants will get a chance to receive a surprise package from Lost vape and the winners will be displayed on @lostvape_community.globe.
  • 4. From 21st January to 15th February, complete the four polls and choose according to your experience and preference.

You have a few selected Lost vape mods to vote and they include; Centaurus Q200, Thelema Quest 200W, and  Centaurus M200. While for the best mods, you have Centaurus Q8O, Thelema Mini 45W kit, and URSA Quest Multi kit.

lost vape mods in 2022

Join Activity on Official Website

Under the list of most favorite coil resistance voting section, you have 0.3- ohm to 0.6- ohm, 0.6- ohm to 0.8- ohm, 0.8- ohm to 1.0- ohm, 0.15- ohm to 0.3- ohm and 1.2- ohm to 1.4- ohm. When you open the activity page, you can participate in this award-voting exercise.


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