WEMAX Dice Review: Why should pleasure to be only inside? Check this powerful mini portable projector today (video included)


Perhaps summer has ended at the calendar, still the weather is very good and not all days is very cold or rainy. Going outside is good, helps you mentally and not only. But why to miss all the pleasure and comfort of the new era because you are outside. I know that most of you like to travel light, so a mini portable yet powerful projector must be between your baggages, like the Wemax Dice, (Amazon Store) with amazing specs and abilities. We got one and we where outstanded from it! So let’s have a look at it!

IF you are planning to set a stable projector at your living room, then how big is a projector is no problem, but if you want to take it with you then dimensions do matter. Wemax Dice is the smallest projector in the market. With dimensions only 155 × 125 × 60 mm and weight of only 2.2kg, movability is not an issue! The projector comes in a metal grey color, and at the sides are the two full-range speakers 2 5W, which are very strong if you check my video. Have in mind in the mind the sound is in 50% and is very loud for me. So outside you want have problem in hearing your loved movie or serie.

Inside the box that came to me you will find the Wemax Dice projector, the remote control without batteries, the power adapter, the manual, a cloth for cleaning the len. In my case, the projector I receive despite the fact that is the Global version (yes there are two versions), the cable for the power for the wall was chinese. But thisis a small problem, as you can use any other similar cable from an other device that you don’t use, as I did and works just fine! The Dice at the back side you will find 4 ports – power, 3.5mm audio, USB 2.0 and HDMI .

As for the specs…are very good! With 700Ansi Lumens the quality of the image is superb! It supports up to 4Κ UHD format for the best experience. The display is TI DLP® with a light engine of 4-Channel RGB LED. The resolution is FHD – 1920 × 1080 and a throw ratio of 1.2 : 1. For my testing I found the biggest free area in the house, about 4 x 3m, which was small or in the limit. The recommended picture size is 60″ to 120″. What I really liked was the auto focus feature. You can place at any distance the projector from the wall and it will automatically focus. If by accident you move the projector, it will autofocus again from start. The whole procedure takes some secs, but the result is flawless!. The projector supports HDR 10, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the color space is >85% NTSC and from audio supports Dolby Audio and DTS-HD.

Wemax Dice supports Google Assistant for voice control. When starting is like setting up an android mobile. At the end you will see Chromecast with Google Playstore, from where you can add various apps. You can add Kodi, Disney+, VLC player and many more. You cannot add directly Netflix, but through Kodi everytihng can be done! Since the Wemax Dice is a portablew projector, this means that is comes with a battery of 16000mAh, with enough power for a 3 hour movie to see. Now if you want to see a trilogy of for example LOTR, then yes, you will need electricity.The lamp can work for up to 30000 hours and supports Diffuse Reflection technology that protects yours eyes.

Check the video I have made for you, to see how good the Wemax Dice mini projector is. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe our YouTubeChannel

You can grab the Wemax Dice mini projector, with a 199$ discount (Amazon link )from the site, using the coupon VIP199 – https://www.wemax.com/collections/wemax-dice

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