Xiaomi AMAZFIT Cor2 Bracelet On The Xiaomi Mall: For Just 299 yuan ($44.29)


The AMAZFIT Cor2 bracelet features a 1.23-inch color IPS LCD display for WeChat, QQ, SMS and more. At the same time, it supports Alipay offline payment, just need to lift your wrist to complete the scan code payment..

Moreover, the AMAZFIT Cor2 bracelet can independently use the “exercise mode” to view the time, consumption and heart rate data of the exercise on the bracelet at any time. There is also a more detailed “sports secondary screen” function of the sports data. In the sports mode of the Xiaomi Sports App, Turn on any of the outdoor running, indoor running, cycling or walking. Just raise your wrist and view the key data in the game in real time on the big screen of the bracelet.

More importantly, the AMAZFIT Cor2 bracelet uses a new generation of photoelectric continuous heart rate sensor and heart rate monitoring algorithm developed independently to make heart rate detection more accurate and lower heart rate measurement. Lightweight and suitable for 24 hours. Record your exercise steps, calorie expenditure, heart rate changes, resting heart rate, heart rate interval throughout the day, automatically record nighttime sleep conditions, and analyze your sleep quality.

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In addition, AMAZFIT Cor2 is equipped with NFC function, supports bus and subway card swiping, and can also directly check the bus card balance on the bracelet.

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