Xiaomi Cube Converter Pro Officially Released at 89 yuan, $12.71


Recently, Xiaomi has launched Xiaomi Cube Converter Pro, with a price of 89 yuan, $12.71, which will be available for pre-order today and on sale at 20:00 on October 31.

About its ID design, Xiaomi cube converter Pro adopts square design, set socket board and charger two in one, jack is located on all sides, the way of wire insertion will be more satisfactory, say goodbye to wire entangling trouble, the desktop is more tidy.

The converter is about 24% smaller than the MiJia Cube converter (wired version), which can be easily packed into a backpack to meet the needs of multiple devices.

According to the introduction, the converter provides 3 groups of power jacks and 3 USB ports, provides 2 ports A and 1 port C, in which A2, C port support 33W fast charge, A1 port 22.5W.

Capable of intelligently recognizing output current and compatible with various devices such as the Nintendo Switch, the Mi 12 S Ultra takes 65 minutes to fully charge and the iPhone 14 takes 30 minutes to fully charge to 58%.

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In terms of safety, Xiaomi Cube Converter Pro uses high-quality copper as internal conductive structure material, and the shell is flame-retardant material. Through 750°C glow-wire experiment, it is built with two and three levels of independent protection to prevent foreign body insertion. It supports one-button general control, and the power indicator light shows.


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