XIAOMI Deerma Automatic Aromatherapy Humidifier Review: A Wall Mounted Humidifier For Just $16.99(For The First 100 Pieces)


The brand Xiaomi, as we all know do not associate themselves with substandard products, the brand months ago launched the XIAOMI Deerma Mini USB Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Humidifier which was largely accepted by the market. Now they are here with another amazing device with lots of amazing features, the Wall Mounted XIAOMI Deerma Automatic Aromatherapy Humidifier. Let’s do a quick review from the features that is available


It comes in a Seamless Wall Hanging design, quite portable with a very lightweight design.  In the form of wall hanging, the hanging plate is placed vertically on a smooth and smooth surface, and the main unit can be easily hung. No need to punch holes, not only protect various walls but also have more installation methods. The horizontal eruption system was changed to vertical, avoiding the shackles that spray directly onto the face. The collecting spout can spray the aroma into the air in a bundle, let the fragrance radiate high and far, and reach all corners of the room in all directions.


It comes in Manual / Automatic 2 Modes, Not only can it be sprayed automatically, but it can also be configured with manual mode, which can be controlled at any time – when feeling the air is turbid or smelly, you can spray it with a short press of the button. It also has an Electromagnetic Induction Control, Timed Fragrance, a Built-in smart chip, preset automatic spray every 20min, to add a fresh aroma to the interior, to dispel the turbid air and odor in daily life. Stand by for 24 hours a day, bringing you a whole day of fresh aroma. Lastly, the high-pressure design is combined with the micro-pore nozzle to spray out fine particles to form an artificial fragrance, which drifts for a long time and is suspended in the air. Each bottle of spray can be used for 20 days

The XIAOMI Deerma Automatic Aromatherapy Humidifier is currently available on Banggood for just $16.99 and the price would last for only the first 100 pieces.

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