Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock Officially Released at 1,999 yuan, $289


On September 20, Xiaomi face recognition smart door lock was released, all channels are now open for presale, presale price of 1999 yuan, $289.

The 3D structured light face recognition module is adopted to accurately construct the 3D face model, and the independent NPU processor can greatly improve the speed, from recognition to lock opening in 1 second. You don’t have to wait to open the door when you get home.

After the power system in the lock body is verified by the face, the main lock tongue can be quickly withdrawn and the door can be pushed back home. Doors lock automatically, leaving home without turning back.

In terms of security, speckle projector, infrared fill light and high-resolution infrared camera cooperate with each other, the module reaches the financial payment level standard, and prevents video, photo and head model cracking. The face misrecognition rate is less than 0.0001%.

In addition to face unlock, Xiaomi face recognition intelligent door lock also supports fingerprint, password, cycle/one-time password, Bluetooth, key five unlocked ways.

It can also linkage smart home, with Bluetooth gateway can remotely receive real-time information pushed by Mijia APP, master door lock status; at the same time support Wi-Fi protocol, but also directly through the Wi-Fi remote receive information, the home is in control.

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As for its battery life, Xiaomi face recognition smart door lock using 10 5 dry battery, 6 months long battery life; The bottom of the front panel supports Type-C emergency power supply for temporary emergency power supply using portable power supplies.


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