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Once upon a time, the immersive large-screen viewing experience has always been the advantage of offline theaters, but now the popularity of laser projection equipment allows users to easily obtain such a shocking experience even in the living room. Recently, Xiaomi released the world’s first Dolby Vision support. Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K, which has 4K high-definition projection resolution, MediaTek’s flagship projection core MT9669, MEMC motion compensation, ultra-short-focus lens design and many other advanced features, bringing users a cinema-like viewing experience.

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2400 ANSI Lumens

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 has also upgraded the brightness. Its upgrade adopts an integrated design optical machine, which increases the overall brightness by 20% compared with the previous generation, with an average brightness of 2400 ANSI lumens, and the picture is still clear in the daytime environment. The display technology has also been upgraded to ALPD RB+, adding a red laser, thereby improving the red color reproduction.


In terms of core hardware, Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K is equipped with MediaTek’s flagship projection chip MT9669. This chip adopts quad-core Cortex A73 architecture, supports 4K resolution video decoding and supports maximum 4K 120Hz refresh rate output. Its powerful video processing and output capabilities make Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K display very brilliant. It is worth mentioning that the MT9669 supports the 120Hz MEMC motion compensation function, which can effectively improve the display fluency of motion pictures. Guaranteed to be silky smooth.

Ultra-Low Noise

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K has 30dB ultra-low noise, system-level temperature monitoring, and can automatically adjust the fan power to maintain low-noise operation even in high-brightness mode. With rich interface configuration, three HDMI 2.0 interfaces can fully meet your 4K entertainment needs. The anti-direct-sighted sensor will automatically reduce the projected brightness to a minimum when someone approaches, preventing the laser light source from directly hitting the human eye.


The interface is equipped with 3 x HMDI 2.0b, 2 x USB 2.0, optical interface and Ethernet port as standard. Air cooling is also built into the fuselage, the fan power is automatically adjusted according to the temperature, and it is specially designed taking into account the air duct design and noise control.


With the gradual improvement of audio and video effects and the characteristics of small size and random placement, laser projection has indeed been favored by more consumers. If the cost and price can be reduced in the future, then the speed of its popularity is expected to be further improved. It is believed that its audio and video performance will be improved to a higher level by then, so that the brand-new family viewing experience will gradually break away from luxury. Add the official account of kekebat to get more exciting information.

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